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Painting 4

“The song of a wren echoed to infinity down the noiseless, empty

avenues, saturated with damp air and silence, with no obstacles to trap the sound

Honoré de Balzac, The Lily of the Valley

French Interiors

“Into this highly individual world, full of unexpected juxtapositions

and surprises, bold eccentricities and daring quirks, Madeleine Castaing

introduced her own imagined dreams…”

French Interiors, the Art of Elegance

Christiane de Nicolay-Mazery

Christina Vervitsioti-Missoffe (photography)

Paris Apt blog

Collection of antique fabric with same aged lime and teal hues…


The colors of aged stone, paints, lime…with a worn spectrum of blues…

Dripping with age and mystery…

Some things I post about are very precious, unattainable

inimitable…but they fuel the engine of my beauty searching soul

Madeleine Castaing French Interiors 5

In the winter bedroom floral garlanded fabric designed by Madeleine

Notice the swans on her bed….

upholstered in ivory satin and draped with white muslin à la créole

inspired by Josephine’s bed at Malmaison

Madeleine Castaing French Interiors 3

Swans at the base of a statute below a terrace at the French home of Madeleine Castaing


Antique fabrics from The Paris Apartment archives

Don’t have a source for top painting…if anyone knows please advise.