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Romantic Contrast

My good friend and blogging buddy Jermaine Chastain of French Kissed

knows that after a little more than 6 months of blogging I will be celebrating my

200th post soon. What she doesn’t know is that she’s the first focus

on my 5 day countdown to the best reasons for blogging.

According to me.


7 Secrets

These are all favorite posts from Jermain’s blog.

click on the links to get a taste of what makes this women tick.

(Bur)Lap of Luxury

What first attracted me were her posts on Paris. Slap the label Paris

on anything and I perk up. Shallow, but true. Though

her home base is the lovely coastal town of Santa Barbara, Ca.

she has 2 gorgeous, clever daughters that move about the world,

and she was showcasing the French apartment of one of them.

Wild Thing

Loved how got her camera got in really tight on an antique French armoire

so I could read the patina…layer by layer. And took the time to take us

along for tea at Mariage Fréres and a jaunt through Deyrolle

Autumn Mantlescape

And the thing that makes her a woman after my own heart,

is that she has a paint brush and is not afraid to use it.

She is very assertive in her quest for beauty,

and not having the budget for 18th century antiques is not

going to get in her way.

French Kissed Toad

She is probably fairly clever, since she is a licensed attorney and real estate agent,

quite agile because she was an Ice Capades skater,

obviously into design since she stages homes for photo shoots…

and she’s certainly adapted to everything life has thrown her way,

raising two well loved and independent daughters.


So my first best thing/piece of advice…

Find a blog friend who is somewhat new at  blogging to learn the ropes with and support.

We all have our favorite “Grande Dames” of blogging that inspired us to venture forth,

but it is extremely valuable to form a connection with a peer (or peers) as you

navigate your way. Finding those blogging buddies is my first best thing.