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French Country Living

Floral swags festoon a circular motif

in the molding above the doorway…

One of my absolutely favorite interior design photos.

French Country Living

Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Landelijke stijl Trouvais.com

Beautiful antique oil portrait

Rich and dark against the Gustavian glaucose interior…

Lars Sjöberg’s  Ekensberg

Landelijke stijl Trouvais

Antique plaster relief medallions…

Monotone and refined, elevating the rough textured wall…

the circular shape offsetting the spare angularity.


Landelijke stijl Trouvais.com 2

18th century carved and gilded barometer…

Another element of richness and curve against the austerity of gray and white.

Three photos above from…

Landelijke Stijl

Piet Swimberghe

Jan Verlinde photos

La Vie en Rose Suzanne Lowry

17th century family portrait rescued from fire and restored…

18th century marble topped console.

La Vie en Rose

Suzanne Lowry

18th century French boiserie 1stdibs

18th century French boiserie…


French Country Living Clifton-Mogg trouvais

Two 18th century oil portraits…

French Country Living

Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Decorating with Antiques Clifton-Mogg trouvais

18th century round portrait at top almost out of view

but eye catching…

Decorating with Antiques

Caroline Clifton-Mogg


19th Century French zinc bell tower clock face from Belloy-Sur-Somme

Did the large antique  clock face trend herald in my interest for

18th century round portraits, barometers, plaster wall medallions?

Same circular shape but deeper into history…

Beaux Arts Penininsula Hotel New York

Beaux Arts Peninsula Hotel,  New York