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Trouvais 0001DSCN9067

I dropped by my sister’s new old house today…

laundry stacked on the sofa, her “Belgian Garage

virtually impassable with moving boxes tilting and

listing and obstructing.

Trouvais 0001DSCN9096_1

She’d quickly reconstituted her favorite items

in their new places…a hinged multi paned glass door from

Ohmega Salvage in front of a tall stack of leather books…

A tapestry from Belgium….

Trouvais 0001DSCN9101

Family portraits in gilded frames…

an Anthropologie floor lamp…

Trouvais 0001DSCN9072

She had embroidered her initials herself onto this cozy

and loosely recovered French bergere…

The wood floors sanded down and bleached and oiled…

Trouvais 0001DSCN9089

When she’d visited Belgium in January she picked out this

antique Belgian china hutch…

A “left behind” pendant working for now.

Trouvais 0001DSCN9138

One of her husband’s relatives patiently waiting to be placed….

Trouvais 0001DSCN9145

That just moved in and “where is everything?” look….

Trouvais 0001DSCN9147

The back yard…olive trees in pots placed on either side of an old elevation

defining the space and making it their own…