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French Interiors 6

From French Interiors, the Art of Elegance

Christiane de Nicolay-Mazery

Absolutely beautiful book, chapters open separated by vellum title pages

like a special invitation to enter the world of both the private collector

and design celebrity: Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Jacques

Grange, Madeleine Castaing…French Interiors 4

Crystal glasses and carafes decorated with enameled roses, flourishes and fleurs-de-lis…

made for the marriage of the private collector’s great-grandmother, Adélaïde, in 1880

French Interiors 2

The cutlery is silver gilt, with knife handles in

exquisitely detailed 18th century Saxony porcelain…

French Interiors 8

This is part of a Sèvres dinner service in shades of pink made for Louis-Philippe in 1836.

The decoration of foliage arabesques and animals is punctuated by the royal

cipher…left corner…

French Interiors

In the world of private collectors Alix and Philippe…entered through the narrow,

old lamp lit street near La Butte-aux-Cailles in Paris…a vast collection of 19th century

bronzes, drawings, watercolors, etc, have been amassed over 30 years of  marriage.

Alix started collecting when she was 20. While working for an important art dealer, she

decided to set aside a third of her salary to spend on drawings. After her marriage, she

and her husband would rummage through the Marché aux Puces, or visit antique dealer

friends…their collection of drawings and watercolors includes Cicéri, Boudin,

Constantin Guys, Gustave Doré, Raffet, Detaille, Isabey, and Gavarni.

French Interiors 3

Herend’s Rothschild bird porcelain at the ready on a side table…

The large red salon… filled with bronzes, paintings, drawings, and watercolors…

The crowded hanging scheme and the profusion of objets d’art and porcelain…

create an atmosphere reminiscent of the private collections, or cabinets d’amateurs,

of the 19th century

French Interiors 7

Among the gilt-framed paintings in the large salon, a young oriental woman by Roybert

plunges the viewer into the atmosphere of the 19th century painting salons and their

fascination with an idealized vision of the Orient.

French Interiors 10

An alabaster bust of Sappho stands on the mantlepiece…


French Interiors photography by Christina Vervitsioti-Missoffe