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Rozenhout Traditional Home 3

Castle Rozenhout from another point of view…

oak walled dining room…

Rozenhout Traditional Home

18th century wall panels were found in France and installed,

original gray green paint finish intact, in the existing

garage (yes…garage) to create the incredible grand salon…

Artwork by Belgian artist Jean-Marc Louis…

Rozenhout Traditional Home 5

Tall French windows are curtained with off-white linen for

summer and fall…pewter colored linen-silk for winter

and spring, chairs and sofas in off-white slipcovers…

Rozenhout Traditional Home 6

Three rooms were demolished to create the spacious

master bath and dressing room; the floor is

unfinished oak

Rozenhout Traditional Home 2

In the red guest room an English chest of drawers

is topped by subtle rouge, terra tones…

Rozenhout Traditional Home 4

Barrel vaulted orangerie built for summer

entertaining and weekend guests…

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Traditional Home magazine April ‘06