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Myra Hoefer design 10

Myra Hoefer designed this sunny Parisian

1800 square foot apartment…

off the boulevard St. Germain on the Left Bank

Myra Hoefer design 12

Beautiful, almost primitive table, striking against the refined cream

painted boiserie and classical columns. Accented by a thorough

collection of Astier de Villatte, both on the walls as well as

scattered about the apartment…

Myra Hoefer design 13

Love the gilded chest of drawers..

gray matted, simple gold framed bird prints,

counter-balancing silver candle stick grouping…

effusive and generous use of yellow and cream silk taffeta

backed with bleached burlap to give the drapery heft…

Myra Hoefer design 9

Astier white with cream, gilded frames, and “dove French

gray” paint on hall mirror, chest and bench…

Myra Hoefer design 6

Visit her updated website for more photos…

Myra Hoefer Design

Veranda magazine May-June ’06


Myra Hoefer

21 Arrondissement

Her store in Healdsburg, California

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