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Jacques Grange Voque Living Australia. 3

Australian Nikki Parker’s Paris apartment in the Place des Vosges,

decorated by Jacques Grange…

In the summer salon, a symphony of creams, mushroom

suede and taupe linen jacquard (out of view) sofas…

Jacques Grange Voque Living Australia. 5

“Eau de Nil-colored silk ” drapes the canopy in the “Chambre

de Madame“, an 17th century room that overlooks the

square, Baccarat crystal chandelier, aqua upholstered bench

with gilded metal rope legs…

Jacques Grange Voque Living Australia 15

Close up detail…19th century Louis XVI bergère chair

upholstered in a pale blue silk, coordinating

blue silk lampshade…

Jacques Grange Voque Living Australia 11

Jacques Grange with Nikki Parker…

“I’m like a film director, I cut, I edit, ” Grange says,

“but, most of all, in this apartment I woke up the beauty”.

Jacques Grange Voque Living Australia 12

Grange re-designed this staircase which leads to a

mezzanine where there are two additional bedrooms…

Jacques Grange Voque Living Australia 7

In the winter salon,  “Jacques upholstered the

walls in a bronze jacquard fabric and juxtaposed the Flemish

Chandelier with a carpet of his own design which I had made by

Jan Kath in Nepal” says Parker. The painted beamed ceiling is

a classified historic monument…

Jacques Grange Voque Living Australia 13

Wall detail…the interplay of rich tones and fabric

detail are breath taking…bejeweled with crystal

19th century wall chandelier which, along with iron

gate fashioned coffee table, came from Les Puces de

Paris Saint-Ouen Flea Market.

Jacques Grange Voque Living Australia. 2

A carved limestone staircase leads up to the first floor apartment.

“Jacques has a unique way of mixing elements. I showed him

pictures of a mirrored hall in a Venetian palace and he

immediately adapted it to the entrance, piecing together

vast squares of antique glass which are joined at the corners

with brass studs.” says Parker. Out of viewbut a hint at

the process of collaboration between client and designer…

Jacques Grange Voque Living Australia. 4

Partial view of the Place des Vosges at the end of Le Marais

“Regarded by chic Parisians as “the country in the

city”, it was built by Henry IV between 1605 and 1612 and

is the prototype of all residential squares in European cities.”

Vogue Living Australia

May/June 2009

Note on Eau de Nil-colored silk…translates literally to “water of the Nile”

Woven of yellow and green threads, it reads alternately gold or

soft green depending on the view or light…