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Kathy Dalwood 3

Totally in love with this bust

Flea market find recast in cement…

Kathy Dalwood 4

“The figurines in this collection are rough concrete re-casts

of porcelain and plaster originals, hunted down in backwaters

here and abroad, from Thrift stores in the Appalachian mountains

to flea markets in France and Belgium and sea-side junk shops…”

Kathy Dalwood
Can be ordered via…

Kathy Dalwood

Kathy now has a fabulous blog here

British Homes and Gardens Feb '09

Antique china stacked…

in a distressed cupboard

Maison creative magazine

Astier de Villate always looks great against

moody grays and cloudy glass…

Au Bain Marie Maison Francaise Jan '09

Over the top rococo style silver candelabra

against a detailed map background…

Au Bain Marie


Victoria '02

Justaposition of pretty roses

in tin sap pot…

sap pots Trouvais.com

Sap pots collected in wire garden basket

weathered planter and zinc table base…

Georgian view of  Claremont near Esher in Surrey

Georgian view of Claremont

near Esher in Surrey

c. 1810

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Metal cabinets

Curvy weathered metal with industrial…

Sculptural looking wire atop metal lockers…

Victoria '02. 2

Taupe-y gray, bow front, ball footed

Belgian-y dresser

Tub gray bathrm

Bathing in grays…

World of Interiors April 09

Entrance of the Hôtel des Ambassadeurs de Hollande

in the Marais district of Paris…

Relief by the sculpture Thomas Regnaudin


Sources: Maison Francaise Jan ’09, British Home and Gardens Feb ’09,

World of Interiors April ’09, Victoria ’02…