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Chateau d'Ansouis

Château d’Ansouis, originally a 12th and 14th century fortress

beautified in the 17th century and home to members of the

Sabran family for over seven hundred years, towers above

the Provençal village of the same name. The view from the

Chateau gate travels along the long line of

ancient cypresses…

Chateau d'Ansouis 2

The “games room” in the private apartments of the present lady

of the house, with its ornate plasterwork and pistachio paint…

ceiling dripping with crystal chandeliers,

gold tufted sofa tucked into alcove…

Chateau d'Ansouis 13

One of the historic 17th century bedrooms.

Chateau d'Ansouis 14

Chateau d'Ansouis 11

Many of these are furnished with family heirlooms from the

last Marquise of Sabran-Pontevès and the Marquise des Isnards

Chateau d'Ansouis 6

The vaulted kitchen, one of the oldest rooms in the Chateau,

“dates from the times of the popular Provençal Saints

Elzéar and Delphine de Sabran, whose lives were

played out in the corridors of Ansouis

a wall of ovens and gleaming copper…

Le Chateau de mon pere Provence Interiors 2

At Le Château de mon Père , Louis-Charles de Rémusat has left

all the 19th century decoration, including wall hangings,

upholstery and curtains, of the 18th century Chateau intact…

“The medallion over the door represents “summer”

and  is an eighteenth century pastel

Le Chateau de mon pere Provence Interiors

“Such a gesture of deference towards the building’s gracious

and aristocratic past has allowed the Chateau, thus preserved,

to age gracefully, as if lost in time.”

The lit á la Polonaise is swagged in 100 year old chintz…

Traditional Home April '07.3

Bruno, Alexandre and Dominique Lafourcade restored

“a 1748 farm house that sits on 14 acres of gently undulating land

snuggled against the jagged outcrops of a range of hills name

Les Alpilles. The shaded terrace adjacent to the Orangerie and the

living room serves as a transition space between the farmhouse

and the garden…”

Traditional Home April '07.4

The architects studied the earlier footprint of the house

that suggested how interior spaces could be reconfiqured,

small dark rooms were opened up, and windows were

moved to flood the indoor areas with light. Atlanta

Interior designer Ginny Magher designed the interiors …

pulling together the many textures and furnishings

with pale, ethereal color.

Traditional Home Provence

“The guest bathroom has modern conveniences in period style

Traditional Home April '07

“The carved stone sink is a new piece in a traditional design…

Bringing French Home 8

Bringing it Home France

Provence Interiors

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