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Art et Decoration

A glimpse inside a Grimaldi palace bedroom in Monaco. Lovely

gilded French vanity, chairs upholstered and windows draped

in 18th century golden florals…

Art et Decoration. Monaco.3

Golden elements of the bedroom reflected in the rococo

style free standing antique mirror…

Art and decoration Monaco bdrm

A Lit à la Polonaise bowered with swathes of antique fabric…

The chandelier dripping with amber crystal…

A gold framed painting tipping forward on the wall…

Art and decoration 5

The almost terra cotta, apricot tones of the bedding

picking up the tiny floral sprays cast about the

golden yellow silk…

Tiffany Taste 4

The lacquered flowered commode and simple gilded framed portrait

are 18th century Venetian, Royal Berlin tea service…

In Europe’s courts of the eighteenth century…”they dressed

superbly and conversed brilliantly as they sipped tea or chocolate

from flowered porcelains in the most sybaritic interiors imaginable.

Those too were sometimes lacquered and flowered in emulation of

porcelain. They knew about the ‘douceur de vivre’-the sweetness

of life.”

Tiffany Taste

John Loring

Art et Decoration. Monaco

An Itaian influenced colonnaded passageway

in Monaco, with frescoes adorning the coved ceiling

Bringing French Home 9

A cozy, candlelit, chinoiserie paneled, French salon gathered

conversationally close to a kilim draped tea table…

Bringing it Home France

Cheryl MacLauchlan

Art et Decoration. Monaco. 2

In Monoco again…”le gallerie des Glaces

Gallery of mirrors. Mounted on pedestals of marble, the

busts of Princes alternate with large Ming vases…

Art and Décoration Magazine

July-August 2009