Neurtral Heaven blog

Belinda Ollis, Design, Colour & Trend Consultant, has an

antique shop called No21 in Somerset, UK and two

wonderfully inspirational blogs…

Neurtral Heaven blog 2

both images from her blog:

Neutral Heaven

No. 21 Blog

Le Pavillion St Lambert

by British Interior designer Blahnaid Behan

No 21 blog

Chateau de Gignac

Provencal Escapes

Caroline Clifton-Mogg


These are images from Belinda’s  other blog

No. 21

No 21 blog 3

No 21 blog 4

Gorgeous photos,  color palates , great links, a lovely antique store

that I wish I could wander into, and two great blogs…

Belinda also offers design workshops in Somerset.

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