HG Oscar de la Renta garden

“Queen of the Night” and “Maureen” hybrid tulips

in clipped parterres in Oscar de la Renta’s garden…

the impact of a retrained color pallet…

HG Mt. Vernon

Cloches and tools at the ready in a stone cobbled

greenhouse designed by George Washington

and completed at Mt. Vernon in 1789 …

Mt. Vernon HG

In Mt. Vernon’s kitchen garden the ordered garden beds are

filled with vegetables comparable to those grown in the 18th

century, espaliered fruit trees are trained against the surrounding

brick walls, and two octagonal garden sheds sit at either end

of the garden…

Maisons Cote Sud Jan 09.2

Valbonne, France…

Crates of aubergine colored wizened “noix”…

(walnuts)…lovely wood crates…


Mesh bottom, stacked vintage Dutch bulb crates…

Will cover wood on top with tin…

either project or garden cart…

Maisons Cote Sud Jan 09

At Valbonne again, in a grove of walnut trees…

perhaps someone took a break for lunch…

HG 4

In Normandy,” Landscape architect Pascal Cribier reinterprets

the traditional French garden through his own vision

of rural geometry”

Normandy farm HG

Cribier laid out a potager called “Jardin des Carrés”.

“In the traditional potager, like the one in the recreated

Renaissance garden at Villandry, the carrés, or square, is the

basic form for the entire series of beds, each planted with

only one kind of vegetable or herb.”

Each square is framed by stones removed

from the inner courtyard of the Palais-Royal

Normandy garden HG

“In large quantities, in a kind of saturation of plants,

each one becomes more valuable as part of a whole.”

En masse, clipped box globes in the entrance court are set

on a diagonal among sandstone pavers.

HG 5

Bliss along the garden borders  of  “Town Place” in West Sussex…

Rousham House, Oxfordshire Visions of Paradise

A wrought iron gate set into stone wall

at Rousham House, Oxfordshire

Sources:  Visions of Paradise: Themes and Variations on the Garden Marina Schinz

House and Garden, Maison Cote Sud archives