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This has a sort of “Beethoven was here” look…

“With its bleached, wide-plank floors, Gotland sandstone fireplace,

and handpainted wallpaper, the prima donna’s dressing room

…is the epitome of Gustavian style…

Sweden’s Drottingholm Palace Theater


Guiletta Countess Guicciardi

Beethoven fell passionately in love with what he called

‘that enchanting girl’ , a pupil of his when she was 17,

and when this portrait was found in his desk after his death

it was assumed, erroneously,  that she was his

‘Immortal Beloved’

“Guillaume Féau restores and copies magnificent

Antique boiserie-carved paneling”

“Thousands of plaster casts, looking like ancient artifacts,

are tucked away in the labyrinthine showroom…”

Can you imagine wandering into his workrooms…

any of these would transform a wall…

“When he sells a beautiful piece, Féau makes a plaster

cast so that he can recarve details at will…”

Click below to enjoy his extensive portfolio…

Féau & Cie Boiserie

Limestone Louis XV facade on building facade

on rue de Seine, Paris

Parisian Interiors

Lisa Lovatt-Smith

Unattributed photos are House and Garden archives