Paris Interiors

A group of costumed and masked revelers…

“Plaster statues of commedia dell’arte characters from the 40’s.”

Jean-Louis Riccardi apartment…

Provence Interiors

HG archives  10

“Up a flight of stairs, at the back of a leafy courtyard off the rue

Saint-Honoré in Paris, the apartment where Robespierre once lived

is now a showroom for intricate eighteenth-century-style


HG archives  26

Silk taffetas are embroidered with gold thread…

inspired by 18th century court costumes

HG archives  29

The Napoleonic Bee with silk and gold threads…

HG archives  28

“The house of Lesage (successor to the House of Michonet, which

was founded by cousins of the Lesage family in 1868) has

long been famous for its embroideries for haute couture…

HG archives  27

The company label on a linen document file…

“Jean François invents ten designs a day…

he was born on embroidered things.”

HG archives  12

Gilt trimmed 18th century French noblewoman’s sedan chair…

Dressed with satin tied wheat, portraits and postcards…

1stdibs late 18th c Louis XVI Sedan Chair

1stdibs (click to see inside)

Late 18th Century French Louis XVI  “Chaise a Porteur”,

fitted on each side with a sliding window. The top of the carriage

is made of tole and all the sides are hand painted with the family

armory crest of a noble lineage.

HG archives 5

“No Dancing Please” sign, a yawning summer long loot

of genteel sports equipment, Fez and flowers…

HG Herge

Hervé Pierre designed the tricornered straw hat,

black glove atop the screen, and painted the faux

boiserie panels in his first apartment in New York…

HG archives  24

The bow festooned, riveted edged cream screen came

from the Pierre Balmain salon in Paris…

A lovely girlish stack of shocking pink

Schiaparelli round hat boxes…


Sources:  House and Garden archives