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18th century French chemise MET

18th century French linen chemise

Metropolitan Museum of Art

18th century Paris cup

18th century Paris cup side

18th century French “can” style cup decorated with tiny sprigs

of blue flowers called Bleuettes or Cornflowers, which were

the favorite flowers of Marie Antoinette.

Porcelaine Paris chocolatiere La Reine 18th

Chocolatiètier with wooden handle

verseuse à anse latérale en bois ou chocolatière

en porcelaine de paris

rue thiroux

manufacture la reine 1776 – 1806

Ruby Lane Mezzatin Antiques

Early French porcelain , circa 1775, created in Paris

at the “Fabrique de la Reine” , sometimes also referred

to as the “Manufacture du Comte d’ Artois”, which was

located on rue Thiroux, under the direction of Andre Leboeuf.

The mark of Comte d’ Artois, used in 1775, is found on the

underside. The factory is widely recognized for having

created porcelains for Queen Marie Antoinette.

HG archives  23

HG archives  21

Personal details on a dressing room screen…

Chinoiserie watercolor and beribboned Watteau sketch…

HG archives  22

Silk pagoda canopy and chinoiserie details in bedroom,

inspired by frescoes on the walls of the Tuscan villa

HG archives  20

Loire valley 17th century Chateau…

underneath its stone pediment

family pets venture out to start their day…


“Slow buds the pink dawn like a rose

From out night’s gray and cloudy sheath;

Softly and still it grows and grows,

Petal by petal, leaf by leaf.”

The Morning Comes before the Sun

Susan Coolidge

Sources:   House and Garden archives, past Ebay items