Le Divan Fumoir Bohemien

Lovely shoe designed by French artist Miss Clara of

Les Carnets de MissClara

Via Florizel at Le Divan Fumour Bohémien…merci!

Sargent Lady Agnew detail 2c. 1892-93

Can you tell who this painter is?

answer at bottom of page…


Hydrangeas yield far more beauty than the work they require…

These plummy-blue tones are created in the acid soil

beneath a towering oak tree off the kitchen’s french doors…


Stone colors look lovely with smoldering plum…

lovely breastplate…

Parisian Interiors

CQ Scan 1

Nothing like fluid, emoting, scintillating color…

Caroline Quartermaine Revealed


After a summer long swath of blue, violet, indigo and plum

they’ll dry almost perfectly preserved for winter

John Singer Sargent Lady Agnew

“Lady Agnew”

John Singer Sargent

plum chair Voque living

Vogue Living Australia May ’08