1 thought on “Pierre-Joseph Redoute”

  1. Oh yeah baby I sweat in my school coehtls just to wear my saved up for Guess Jeans. Yeah – it took all my money from a whole summer and I rocked them with my side ponytail and my adidias tennis. I wrote tons of notes too and folded them up into little oragami things the likes of which I am now wondering if I could still create. Maybe after another glass of wine I will try…and I will write it to you and sign in BFF with tons of xoxoxoxoxoxo at the end and I will sign it Brittany Depp (because I alwasy wanted to marry him). Yes I am that cool babe.Still laughing (but I’m not he is SOOOOOOOOO hot – I’m ignoring his creepiness of late ;))

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