Vincente Wolf

Utterly entrancing design by Vicente Wolf…

English eighteenth century mirror

seafoam green glasswalls…

Vincente Wolf 5

Tubular steel bed designed by Wolf, softened with rounded

headboard and gauzy curtains in chartreuse shades…

Vincente Wolf 2

Adjacent to the seating, on either side of the classical

stone fireplace, Vicente uses dark, simply framed antique

wall paper panels..

Vincente Wolf 6

Best I could do…but can you imagine the drama of the

tall antique French grisaille wallpaper scenes

on either side of the fireplace…

Click here to see a similar one at Gracie…

Vincente Wolf 11

As Vicente points out in the book, the term “Damask”

comes from Damascus, the capital of Syria…

Vincente Wolf 10

“At the northwest edge of the great Syrian desert that stretches

toward Jordan and Irac, Palmyra was a port of call as far back as

two millennia B.C. for caravans traveling between Mesopotamia

and the Mediterranean, and later the Silk Road…”


Crossing Boundaries

A Global Vision of Design

by Vicente Wolf


The book travels photo by photo through Ethiopia, Madagascar,

Myanmar, Borneo and Syria, intermixing design photos and

adding helpful paint chips…top photo is  Benjamin Moore 1675

Inspired by Cote Texas’s round table and Topsy Turvey’s

and of course Vicente Wolf himself…

note: photos were sliced to give you up close look…