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Hogspear is an outstanding Ebay UK seller of museum grade

militaria…his descriptions alone bring history to life…

Click on link to explore his attic treasures…

“…totally genuine and fresh to the market from some of Britain’s

finest attics. Occasionally, some ladies’ items are offered,

mostly belonging to the Captain’s elderly mother, the

Dowager Lady Hogspear.”

Hogspear 3

“A very good and scarce example of a late Victorian

17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge‘s Own) officer’s

full dress uniform…”

Hogspear 2

“A Victorian 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) officer’s

cross belt. Complete with matching pouch with ornate

silver cover with King’s Crown cypher.”

Hogspear 5

The officer’s lance cap is sold separately…

“The gilt lance cap plate is mounted with a white metal/silver

17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) badge.

Two gilt metal lion head boss’s support a velvet backed chin chain. “


My own antique silver epaulets bought from Hogspear

…incredible detail


I lost on the first try but luckily another came up 4 months later

packed into tin styled to keep the silver coils suspended…

France framed epaulet 19th c $800 1stdibs

Here is a 19th century gold epaulet framed…

Sarlo at 1stdibs

More Sarlo here

Hogspear antique picnic tea set

Antique picnic tea set…

Hogspear archive…sadly already sold

Hogspear picnic tea set detail

For the officer who takes tea very seriously

Hogspear sketch book 1914

“A dated 1915 Houghton-Butcher, London First World War

British Army military sketching board. The board has an

integrated clinometer and compass.  The artistic sketching ability

of the Military in the late Victorian and WWI period was a

key to their effectiveness as cameras had not really come

into play.”

Hogspear sketchbook c 1914 detail

”  This board allowed to officer to orientate his image correctly

and the device was often used by the Royal Artillery or

Royal Engineers.”

Vintage leather collar box Hogspear

Vintage leather collar box…

Click  Hogspear,or here for his fabulous website…

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