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Coco Chanel apartment House and Garden archives

Adding another dimension to what is already known about style

icon Coco Chanel, her three rooms on the rue Cambon in Paris,

where she lived from 1954 until her death in 1971, are timeless,

bold, and surprisingly complex given her noted penchant for

simplicity.  Her rooms were conceived by her, ” down to the tiniest

details…There in one place were all her passions, the screens,

mirrors, gilt wood, and chandeliers”.

House and Garden Chanel 18

A French trumeau over the fireplace, flanked on either side by

Spanish vestry mirrors, crystal laden table lamps, and large rock

crystal chandelier bejewel the main salon

House and Garden Chanel 10

An entire wall of leather bound books, a long, sensuous sofa…

Beige, brown, fawn are accented with black and crystal…

The scale of the chandeliers, coromandel screens,

mirrors all reflect her intrepid personality.

Coco Chanel Apt 2 Hosue and Garden archives

A small herd of carved wood deer silently occupy the space...

“An Interior is the natural projection of the soul and Balzac

was right to give as much importance to it

as to the way people dress…”,

she once confided to biographer Paul Morland.

Coco Chanel House and Garden

Beyond the large scale furnishings, the small items, finds,

and gifts that were kept and treasured

tell a more personal story …

Chanel House and Garden archives 7

Greek statue on her fireplace mantle …

Chanel House and Garden archives

“Le garden de cochons (the pig keeper) of silver and

gems may have been found by Chanel at a flea market”

Chanel House and Garden archives 3

Chanel considered wheat to be her lucky charm…

here it glints in gold on book bindings.

Chanel House and Garden archives 4

“Once while Givenchy sat in the drawing room, a piece of crystal

fell from the chandelier. He placed it in the mouth of the frog

and it was never removed.

Chanel House and Garden archives 6

“This tiny cage was a present from a retiring employee”

Chanel House and Garden archives 5

“Vermeil boxes were presents from the Duke of Westminster”

House and Garden Chanel 3

A golden wheat based glass table…

In addition to deer, crystal balls, religious symbols,

and lions (she was a Leo), Chanel loved wheat

Chanel House and Garden archives

Italian Baroque panels…

with wheat tucked in a crevice.

Coco Chanel’s Apartment

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