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18th c Style plaster moulding from chateau paneling trouvais.com

“Set before a stunning piece of plaster molding-

originally from paneling in a chateau-is the grace

of a dove, the transparency of crystal carafes,

and the sheen of silver bells …”

18th c Style plaster moulding from chateau paneling 2

In her farmhouse home in the Brie region of France,

Cleo Bertin emphasizes a  ” gentle range of whites and

excluding colors, she teases out the essence of objects,

their esprit and resonance, and sets them center stage…”

The New Eighteenth Century Style

French Home Josephine Ryan

The patina of old paint, a gilded and chipped floral swag…

“The living room…the place you define your values,

your history, and your tastes…”

French Home

Josephine Ryan

1stdibs England c. 1820

Candace Barnes

Palace of Westminister ceiling medallion fragment…

c. 1820 England

Framing a piece of history…

18th century Style

” So as not to forget her much-loved earlier life in a large

family house, Nicole Polonovski has brought to this more modest

dwelling some of her furniture and all of its memories…”

The New Eighteenth Century Style

Michele Lalande


“Old and new parts”

Antique plaster floral and ribbon cascade…


attached to bead trimmed, silver sage painted wood panel

with double tier candelabra…

Pair set on either side of French doors in my dining room…


One of a pair of antique French chairs…

Originally gilded and garishly brocaded…

I stripped and painted them in sages and creams

and they sit prettily abreast my mother’s  mirrored armoire,

content in a lady’s dressing room to be “deshabille” for the moment

The New French Decor 18th c Venetian Lanterns

Antique 18th century Venetian lantern on jute cushioned settee…

The New French Decor

Michele Lalande


The perfection of imperfection…

of found objects…

of personal treasures…