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“Possagno in Northern Italy is home to a divine collection of

marble statues and original plaster casts by Antonio Canova,

perhaps the finest classical sculpture of the 18th century…

The World of Interiors

April 2008

Cote Paris June-Aug 09.2

Low luster black paint smolders over the classical bones

of deeply paneled walls. The crystal chandelier and white

porcelain tub, crisp ceiling, and white matted art arrest

and direct the eye…

Cote Paris June-Aug 09.3

Venetian mirror and chrome Lefroy et Brooks do their part

to fracture and send light about the room…

Cote Paris June to Aug  '09.4

When the bathroom is suffused with natural light

from the window beyond the tub…the black grays in it’s path…

Cote Paris June-August  ’09


19th century landscape etching

with simple, strong black frame…

Ebay France

Tria Giovan.2

Old classical elements are pulled together

and pop off the new dark walls…

Tria Giovan photography

Bust of Napoleon by Antonio Canova 18th c

Bust of a young Napoleon Bonaparte…

World of Interiors

The New 18th century Style

Arrangement by architect Jean-Francois Millevoye…

“An 18th century sculpted wooden Italian lantern is suspended

within an industrial mold made of wooden marquetry…”

The New Eighteenth Century Style

Lte 19th c court frock coat and hat Bonhams July 09

19th century Court frock coat…

Bonhams archives

The New 18thc Style Outrelaise

Chateau Outrelaise

stone and iron staircase…

The New Eighteenth Century Style

Lalande & Trillard


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