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The Bed Duchesse de Mouchy.2

“During the reign of Louis XVI, the Duchesse de Mouchy,

lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette, occupied this bed …”

If you look through the bed drapery you’ll see the

reflection of the bust of Duchesse de Mochy at the window…

The Bed

Alecia Beldegreen

Fabrics LeBeau

From another perspective…

Luminous green silk taffeta drapes and a wistful aristocratic gaze

In Jacques Garcia’s house in Paris…


Caroline Lebeau

Madame Dange

Madame Dange

“One striking discovery concerns the Cabinet of Fables, the boudoir of Madame Dange’s house on the Place Vendome, painted in the 1750s with illustrations from La Fontaine’s fables. When the house became the residence of Paris’s military governor in the 19th century the boudoir was gilded and repainted in an ostentatious style. Research and radiographic examination revealed the original. The idea of stripping away all the 19th-century additions, an aesthetically desirable course, was considered. But the additions revealed much about how one era can alter the work of an earlier. The museum decided to compromise. One side of the cabinet has been restored to something like the original, the other retains its 19th-century gilding.”

Cabinet of Fables

Click  Le Cabinet des Fables

to watch a short film on the restoration…

Boiserie at the Petiti Trianon World of Interiors Oct 06

Boiserie detail at Petit Trianon…

“The cabinets paneled walls, in the pale Wedgewood blue favored by Marie Antoinette, are decorated with stucco. The brothers Rousseau completed this work in 1887.”

World of Interiors Oct. ’06

Boiserie 18th c French 1stdibs

French boiserie panel

18th century


Dangerous Liasons

Dangerous Liaisons

Fashion and Furniture in the Eighteenth Century