Villa Pisani Wharton's Italian Gardens

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Built c. 1735-40 for the procurator of St. Marks in Venice,

later purchased by Napoleon, who stayed in it only one night…

Edith Wharton’s Italian Gardens

Vivian Russell

The Glory of Roses Hicote Manor striped rose 2 Phlomis samia

Striped Bourbon rose paired with Phlomis samia

Hidcote Manor, Glouchestershire

The Glory of Roses


Honorine de Brabant in my garden…

Bourbon Roses are named for the Ile Bourbon,

in the Indian Ocean, where they traditionally

are supposed to have originated from a natural cross

between the China `Parsons’ Pink’ and the red `Tous-les-Mois'”

The Gardens of Russel Page

“The Marchesa Gallarati Scotti created a myrtle garden

within the framework of a rose garden that had been

designed by Page…”

The Gardens of Russel Page 2

“A rustic path runs from the little church garden

up to San Liberato’s entrance court…”

The Gardens of Russell Page

Edith Wharton's Italian Gardens

Guisti Gardens

“The gardens were designed so that the patterns of the parterre

would be revealed when the visitor looked down from the turret…”

Villa Cuzzano Edith Wharton's Italian Gardens

Villa Cuzzano

The archway overhung with Rosa banksiae leads the eye

past the two wings of the villa to the view beyond…”

Edith Wharton’s Italian Gardens