Cote Sud Jan 2009

Coqui-Coqui Spa

Located on a cobbled street in the colonial city of Valladolid

on the Yucatan Peninsula, it also houses a perfume laboratory

The almost ascetic restraint in tone and detail in the room above

highlights the frivolity of the chandelier and it’s bohemian swag…

Maison Cote Sud

January ’09

Trove 3

Louis XIII style canape

pared down to jute (burlap)…



Carved and water gilded frames…

Peru c. 1850


Spanish Colonial c. 1780 1stdibs

Articulated Spanish Colonial Santos figure

with original worn painted decoration…

c. 1780


19th century French boule balls

A collection of French Boule balls

19th century



Cote Sud Jan 2009 5

Hacienda Uayamon

swimming amongst the ruins…

“Walk through our candlelit private gardens amongst the whistling

of frogs or discover Edzna, an intriguing Mayan site…”

Cote Sud Jan 2009 4