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Covered cup and saucer made for Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, ca. 1760 MET

Covered cup and saucer made for Empress Elizabeth Petrovna

c. 1760

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gold trim 19th c ecclessiastic remnants pillow 1stdibs

Ecclesiastical fragments

France 19th century


Beautiful French ecclesiastic valence fragment pillow

which is hand appliqued to the “Cloth of Gold” and

backed in vintage pale gold French silk “peau de soie”…

Fashion in Detail 17-18th 2

Satin Gauntlet embroidered with silk and metallic thread, purl

and spangles, trimmed with silk ribbon and silver-gilt bobbin lace…

English c. 1600-1625

Fashion in Detail

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century

Avril Hart and Susan North

Metallic embroidery

Formal Court bodice…

first half of 18th century

Metallic Embroidery 2

Metallic embroidery bodice detail …

Fulgence Collection, Paris


Jacques Anquetil

Ruins antique silk embroidered alter runner fragment

Antique silk embroidered Altar runner fragment…


Antique and Vintage Textiles, Fabric and Trim

Chasuble LACMA

Ecclesiastical costume

Bologna, Italy

c. 1735-1740

Silk ecclesiastical clothing with silk and

metallic thread embroidery, and metallic braid trim…


Ecclesiastical embroidery 19th c France ebay

Ecclesiastical embroidery

19th century France

current eEbay

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