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Bella Notte graphite bedding

Bella Notte

Their “seconds” outlet is at 61 Galli, Novato California

Open only Fri-Sat 10-2

Their graphite might hold me off painting my bedroom several

shades of dark gray. As an aside… I’ve always identified

strongly with The Princess and the Pea

"zinc" painted metal mirror

Originally dark green and gold…

love having lots of old paint lying around…

Vintage French grape harvest basket

Antique metal grape harvest basket with leather straps…paid $40

It’s always all in the timing…I’ve seen them for over $250

Overloaded with last year’s Provence lavender

c. 1828 French letter

This is my favorite antique French letter…

framed in simple gold in a group of nine…

C. 1828

Letters came from Couram71 on Ebay

(who ships from Switzerland)

antique junelles

La Parisienne antique Junelle-Eclair

They fold up in various positions to be antique binoculars,

theater glasses, compass, magnifying lenses, etc…

c. 1820 Pelerine

Fichu or Pelerine purported to be c. 1820

Flower on hook is pale pink silk peony from my wedding dress…

which drove me into the madness of planting 30 plants

in a Northern California garden…


which worked…

Wisteria draftsman stool

Wisteria’s draftsman stool

worth it and sometimes on sale…


It’s my 100 post today…still have much to learn

I so appreciate all the early support from:


Designer’s Block UK

Plays with Needles


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The Duchess of Devonshire’s Gossip guide

Enchanted by Josephine


Thank you all for your encouragement!