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Isabelle Adjani 2 Paris Interiors

A wonderful mansion on the Left Bank that Isabelle Adjani

designed with her friend Jacques Grange…

Paris Interiors Isabelle Adjani

The anonymous facade hides a verdant courtyard,

and the duplex apartment leads directly off it in the

manner of a great many of the 7th arrondisement’s

finest 18th century structures…

Paris apartment of French actress Isabel Adjani Trouvais

18th century pale blue boiseries in the dining room

were a choice inspired by Jacques Grange...

Paris apartment of Isabel Adjani

Silk drapes and tapestrey covered 19th century

carpet chairs from Madeleine Castaing…

Paris Interiors Isabelle Adjani 4

Paris Interiors

Lisa Lovatt-Smith


Isabelle Adjani  in  The story of Adele