Antique sleeve silk taffeta crewel metallic embroidery

Cuff of antique embroidered blue taffeta sleeve…

glimpse of hand stitching, somewhat rough looking linen lining…

Antique sleeves

floral and metallic embroidery detail…

dated anywhere from late 18th century to Victorian..

Antique sleeves 5

Love the careful work, carefree pattern,

and intense ocean blue…

Shoes Marie Antoinette 1

Teal and aqua toned 18th century shoes

Marie Antoinette Style

Adrien Goetz

Metallic embroidered silk pocketbook, mid 18th century VT

Metallic embroidered silk pocketbook

mid 18th century

Fine hand embroidery was both an art form and a status symbol

in the 18th century. Embroidered designs of gold and/or silver,

which required great skill to execute, were generally done by a

professional embroiderer for an aristocratic customer.

Vintage Textile

Bodice 18th c European wrk 403 MET

European silk bodice

18th century

Bodice 18th c European silk wrk 403 MET

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ocean Deluxe Marie Bella Notte

Deluxe Marie Ocean color

Bella Notte

Chelsea Antiques0001DSCN5552

Bella Notte pillows…


Title quote from Lord Byron