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Copperplate engraving from bk Napoleonic Wars, published by Thomas Kelly c 1815


Copperplate engraving detail from the Napoleonic Wars

published by Thomas Kelley c. 1815

Dangerous Liasons MET Card Playing

At cards…

Dangerous Liaisons

Fashion and Furniture in the 18th century

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Antique MOP gaming chip

Mother of pearl etched gaming counters

18th century

Antique MOP gaming chip c. 1750

Antique Mother of pearl gaming chip

c. 1750

MOP gaming chips

Etched mother of pearl gaming chips

18th century

All above on Ebay…

Noticed gaming chips first at a flea market held at

Chateau Sonoma

the mother of pearl discs glowed in the sunshine..

imagine repurposed on a necklace…

MET coat


European, wool presentation coat

last part of 18th century

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Diderot 1771 engraving




Antique Newspaper UK 1793

Timothy Hughs Rare & Early Newspapers