Shubel 28

In the 16th century Anjou, France home of designer

Stephen Shubel and antiques dealer Woody Biggs…

“The beams embedded into the plaster serve

as a large bookcase that covers one wall…”

Shubel 29

“The niches hold an array of objects,

wickerwork and pottery…”

Shubel 30

“busts and trophies…”

Shubel 26

The cabinet, from a herbalist’s shop,

is filled with collected objects….

Shubel 31

“a clock dial, church vases, sconces,

apothecary jars, plaster busts, wickerwork,

silver pieces, patinated bound books, and antique frames…”

Shubel 24

Wall niche is closed off by salvaged doors…

Shubel 25

“An 18th century sculpted column,

an elegant plinth for a fossil…”

Shubel 27

The New Eighteenth-Century Style

Michele Lalande

Gilles Trillard (photography)


Stephen Shubel Design