Dressing gowns French 1820-1830 silk MET

These guys seem to be expatriates from the 18th century…

early acquisition/study phase before the final shots are taken…?

Two French silk dressing gowns…

c. 1820-1830

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sample books Silk 5

Embroidered silk waistcoat…

mid to late 18th century

Embroidered vest mid to late 18th Silk

backed by linen, tiny hand stitching,

small ties to cinch the waistcoat…

Prelle archives

Sample books Silk 6

another  peak under the cover…

Prelle archives

Sample books Silk 4Antique pattern book

Prelle archives

Lyon, France

Sample Books Silk

Ribbon sample books…

19th century

Musee d’Art et d’Industrie

Sample books Silk 8

Fabric swatches and antique ledgers…

all above from:


Jacques Anquetil


Inside out look of antique corset…

beauty in the elaborate hand stitched cording…

English c. 1660-1670

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century

Fashion in Detail

Avril Hart and Susan North

Vincente Wolf 3

“An eighteenth century limestone capital

to give it a twist and some flexibility…

I had a fancy version of a skid custom-made

in lime rubbed oak…”


A Global Vision of Design

Vicente Wolf