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“Over the years, artist’s materials

and tools develop their own beauty…”

Carolyn Quartermaine Revealed

Gilded French chairs covered with

Carolyn Quartermaine’s Flowers Collection

Shoes 18th c

A jumble of 18th century shoes…

Marie Antoinette Style

Adrien Goetz


Silk brocade and gold thread bodice

late 18th century…

Silk Brocade & Gold Bodice, 2 Late 18th C AA

Augusta Auctions

19th century gold metallic ribbonart

French gold mesh ribbon art…

densely woven gold-lame cloth

plump cabochon roses, layered buds…

19th century

Ebay  (sold for almost $400)


18th century French fabric and threads


Fabrics book

“This silk, ordered by Ganoin, was ordered in 1779

for the winter furnishings of Marie-Antoinette’s

private apartments at Versailles. The panel in the

photograph is a Second Empire copy (c. 1859)

woven for the Empress Eugenie’s private

apartments in the Tuileries Palace”


Jacques Anquetil

CQ 6

“…she produces exquisite collages of fabrics, all of which

she has dyed and printed, gilded and distressed until they

look like beautiful scraps salvaged from a collection

of ancient ball gowns. She use papers too, printing them

in italic script or covering them in hand-drawn gilded scrolls

until they too look old and beautiful, like pages torn

from a private notebook.

Carolyn Quartermaine Revealed

Kate Constable