4 thoughts on “19th century gold metallic ribbonart”

  1. P.S. I also have a similar piece that is in silver so it’s very tarnished but I purchased it off of ebay over a year ago so I would have it for inspiration in my collection. I’ll try to take a pic of that too…

  2. I’d love to see it! Thanks Susan.

  3. Penelope Bianchi said:

    Beautiful!! I have some pillows with embroidery like this and the silk it is embroidered on is falling apart. Is that what they did here? Just take away the fabric? Or was this woven separately?

    Your blog is beyond divine!

    • Hi Penelope…that’s gold lame ribbon that is used to weave the roses separately. Tinsel Trading in NYC has a basement of antique and vintage (including metallic gold and silver) ribbon. I bought some when Tinsel Trading made an appearance at the Alameda Flea Mkt up here. It’s a lot harder to fashion roses with than I thought..ribbon splits quite easily. This Ebay piece went for @ $400…well worth it! Thank you for your comment!

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