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Built in 1850, initially specialized in reproductions,

now entirely devoted to antiques

Rents items out to filmmakers

Parisian Interiors


Antique shop mannequin

Gallerie Lafayette, Paris

c. 1860

1860S SHOP MANNEQUIN eurostuff ebay

Made of wire, plaster, wood, metal and cloth…

articulating arm…

Ebay seller Eurostuff


Maison Cote Ouest

Fevrier-Mars 2009


Exhibits in the Palace of Diverse Industries,

Sign above exhibits: “Maroquinerie–Gainerie.”

Paris World Fair c. 1889

Paris in Photos

Eiffel tower built in 1887 Paris World Fair

Eiffel tower…built in 1887

photographed during Paris World Fair c. 1900

Paris in Photos

Globe CĂ©leste is a gigantic sphere 46 meters in diameter, decorated with paintings representing the constellation and supported by solid masses pillars decorated with mythological figures. At the interior, one second sphere reproduces a splendid spectacle of the planetary revolutions. Behind the Celestial Earth the four bell-towers and the majestic silhouette of the Eiffel Tower are profiled.