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bonnet 18th c Calash

Green silk Calash bonnet

c. 1780

…after the french word “caleche” (carriage)

as they resembled the fold down tops of fine carriages…

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the ultimate hat for “big hair” ..

Brocaded silk, French silk and metal thread 1760s met

French brocaded silk

The textile employs six different metal-wrapped threads,

plus twelve colors of silk…

c 1760s

Metropolitan Museum of Art

silk damask last quarterof 18th met

Green silk damask

last quarter of 18th century

Referred to as “stays” until the late nineteenth century, the corset was the basic garment of every woman’s wardrobe. It was never worn next to the skin, but over a knee-length T-shaped garment known as a shift

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bonhams 18th

An 18th century wide French open court robe of silk damask
with a woven floral and ribbon design worked in shades
of green, pink and cream to a background of shot green and pink,
with a sack back, underskirt, and a later made stomacher…

Bonhams 2

fly braiding and small ribbon flowers decorating the robe and underskirt

c. 1750’s


brocaded silk met 1748 Spitafields met

English brocaded silk

c. 1748

Metropolitan Museum of Art

le divan nov o6 d


le divan nov 06

le Divan Fumior blog

Antique 18th century fabric sample books from french fabric house Prelle

… the descendant of a company which already had a reputation in 1752 and is the oldest silk furnishing fabric factory in Lyons, being the only one to have remained a family business for five generations. Since it was first created, it has woven silk cloth for palaces and castles such as Versailles and the Louvre.