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Robe a la Francaise c 1765 French or Austrian Met

Robe a la Francaise

Pale blue silk satin brocaded with silver

French or Austrian c. 1765

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Court dress c 1750 silk taffeta bracaded with silver thread Met

Court dress

Blue silk taffeta brocaded with silver thread

British c 1750

Metropolitan Museum of Art

c 1784 met

c. 1784


Dangerous Liaisons

Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton

companion book of exhibit

Crillon room 1777-80 French met

The Crillion Room

c. 1770-1780

Dangerous Liaisons: Fashion and Furniture in the 18th century

Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Movie…

Dangerous Liaisons

reynolds149 jane countess of Harrington 1778 reynolds

Countess of Harrington

c. 1788

reynolds103 c 1764Anne Dashwood

Anne Dashwood

c. 1764

Painting 18th c Sir Joshua Reynolds detail Le Divan blog

Sir Joshua Reynolds


18th century English Painter…

specializing in portraiture…






Lit a la Polonaise

1760 pannier utex

Timeline of underclothes

Panniers c, 1750 british tan linen and baleen

Metropolitan Museum of Art