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Found at an antique shop in Louisiana,

alongside a dated portrait of it’s owner wearing it.

Only the hat was purchased, then it sold again, and again

with only a whisper of it’s story trailing behind..

c. 1790

Jefferson street

Natchitoches, Louisiana

stays c. 1779 marianiforos

Early American linen corset…

Worn by Miss Susanna Lincoln on her wedding day

January 14, 1779


shoes silk moire 1782 brides shoe Ginsburg

English silk moire bridal shoes with attached note:

Bride’s shoe (paste buckles missing) worn at her wedding

by Catharine Quested in October 1782


c 1820 Vintage Textile

Trapunto corded corset

owned by A.B. Colby…

c 1820 Vintage Textile signature

from an estate in Lincoln, Massachussets

The Colbys were an old New England Family with several Abigails …

c. 1820


Chemise linen c 1820-1830 VT

antique chemise…

Chemise linen b 1820-1830 VT

with owner’s initials

c. 1820-1830


Dress metalic brocaded 1810 VT

Rare metallic brocaded dress c. 1810

Dress metalic brocaded  b 1810 VT

recently required from the descendants of

Revolutionary War veteran

Captain Rufus Lincoln (1751-1838)


Sampler c. 1802 Huber

Silk on linen sampler

c. 1802

by Jane Bird

Sampler c 1827 Huber

Silk on linen antique sampler

c. 1827

by Martha C. Hooton


1800's, Whitework Hankerchief  Crown  Bobbin Lace Niforos

Fine white work, bobbin lace hankerchief…

crown emblem signifies it belonged

to a member of the royal family

c. 1800s