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649 Main St
Saint Helena, CA

Favorite little spot to drop into while visiting St. Helena…

More than a florist…great place to find fabulous containers

for artfully arranging that summer farmer’s market bouquet,

or the bounty from your garden…


Love the zinc topped tables…

the wire topiary form almost hidden by the mass of sunflowers…


Zinc, zinc, zinc…sigh…

The footed piece at front has an antiqued mirror surface inside…

So glad I splurged on similar finials a few years ago…

All so magical with the sprays of white flowers…


They can always be counted on for having architectural and vintage

elements to add that touch of floral romance…

a wisp of old blue on the window frame, stone planters, zinc lanterns…

I’m sensing the need for a bit of concrete in my future…

love those troughs…just the perfect understatement for a

succulent or orchid grouping…


Empire wall sconce…antique iron panel…tall stemmed votives…


Love these floral swagged stone finials…

I will probably regret leaving them behind….

They sell sheets of moss to line wire urns like these….


But of course…

lavender sachets…


Also tempted by this footed zinc, fleur de lit

edged wire “basket” …

Can imagine tiny violets wrapped in moss

clustered inside…or powder sugar dusted madelines…


Must return…soon…


Great little newsletter by Sloat’s Garden Center here

Peach Bellini recipe and info on Chickens….how can

you resist!

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Grapes, Vines, and Arches


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For all of you who admired my untamed grape arbor on the previous post…

I set off for the Napa Valley today for inspiration, warmth,

and wide open swathes of vineyard threaded hillsides…

Napa Valley

It has been a bit cooler than usual in Northern California …

so I relished the sunny disposition of Yountville and St. Helena as I traveled

further north into the Napa ValleyNapa Valley

Just have a thing for these verdant rows…

The precise hand of man coaxing and taming

mile after mile of wine grapes…

Napa Valley

Stretched in long open rows to catch the sun’s full trajectory…

Canting this way and that across the rolling hills beyond…

St. Helena

I went looking for inspiration in St. Helena…

knowing I would find classical architectural features…

Arched windows and doors, and a surfeit of vines

dripping over simple, often rustic shaped structures…

Tra Vigne

The incredible stone pediment at the entrance to Tra Vigne

I have eaten outside here several times…

Must come back later this summer to sit with my family under

the bower of almost touching mulberry trees in the courtyard.

St. Helena

A corner glimpse of the vines clambering over

the walls…

Love the arched blue window…

Tra Vigne

A front view of the historic Cantinetta building

Stones, vines and arches..what could be better?

(Well…I suppose black and white striped awnings!)

St. Helena

Simply gorgeous…

Tra Vigne

Nothing like a quick trip out to the country…

Hoping to borrow a few details for a future project…

If you’d like to try your hand at some of their recipes…

Tra Vigne cookbook: Seasons in the California Wine Country

To view a portion of the cookbook click here

Stepping Stones


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grape vine

Is it possible to be busy and lazy at the same time?

Still spending most of my time outdoors….

culling through stone in huge wired bins to find

the last few I need for edging and stepping stones…

Architectural salvage

Also on the lookout for unique pieces of architectural salvage

like this piece I found about fifteen years ago at a cast-stone company’s

yard sale. Placed at the base of an espaliered apple tree, water over-spills to

deeply water the tree, leaving a few inches behind for the birds to flit about in…

Shallow enough to step through the garden on…with or without shoes…

Tyson Bennison Regency house in Battersea

A Tyson Bennison chandelier hanging from a Wisteria draped pergola

poised artfully over the stone table in his Regency house courtyard

in Battersea (South London).

British House and Garden July '10

cropped view…

Photograph Alun Callender

British House and Garden July 2010

stone table

My own (cast) stone table…and cement ball… had a very good day at that stone yard sale all those years ago! Still regret the French fireplace mantle that was swiped out from under my nose.The table is not an easy piece to move…and often the subject of my husband’s ridicule. More at Lavender Harvest here and Fall Dining Outdoors here

Hillside pool

Trying to figure out how to

make this happen in our yard…

Need to get that DIY home pool book…

is it out yet?


Roses are the perfect frill for stone walls…

and hard lines…

Mme Ernest Calvat BourbonTremulous atop an arch in the early morning sunshine…

Antique Bourbon rose Madame Ernest Calvat and a white Clematis…

earlier in Rosy Gardens here

Grape arbor

The garden seen through the unschooled grape vines…

no stern mistress to keep them in check…

Feel like a grade school kid set loose for the summer…

How about you?

Bed Head


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Ciel de Lit over linen bedding

My sister just sent me this gorgeous photo of her finished ciel de lit…

She had picked up the dilapidated wooden frame for a song at the

Atelier de Campagne container sale last Spring …see here and here

I’ve also written about Suki’s “Belgian Garage” earlier here

and another post about her home here

A great find, with lots of elbow grease and DIY ingenuity…

and just a tad of diplomacy towards a hunting enthusiast husband….

Sweet Dreams!

Summer Sojourn


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Glamis Castle…a David Austin English rose…

enveloped in a froth of Nepeta Mussinii Six Hills Giant

A perpetual show as they tumble together artlessly

over the stone walls of the master bedroom patio…

Pascale Palun Avignon

Antique Biot jar on serene sun dappled summer patio…

At the Avignon  home of artist Pascale Palun of Vox Populi…

more here and here

Courtyard in Avignon

Photos Henri Del Olmo

Coté Sud Avril-Mai 2010

Bits and pieces collected over the years

and cured over many seasons in the garden…

Restoration Hardware lanterns

Just those few touches

that please the eye first thing in the

morning and last view at night…

Master bedroom patioThe hillside needs tweaking, the pots another rub of color,

the creeping thyme is fitful and petulant. I’m waiting for

garden furniture to arrive,  and lavender to bloom….

but when the air is crisp and bright and redolent

with the scent of the Madagascar jasmine

…summer is perfection

roses and nepata

Big and little bees move industriously about…

bending the froth with their nimble touch..

Poppy seed heads

Sans ruffles…

the huge poppy seed pods

Living outdoors…

Barely on the computer…

Loving July!

Hope you are all out…out …out…enjoying your summer!

Happy Fourth of July



New Provence style garden Trouvais

Hello all my wonderful readers!!!

I have gotten an amazing amount of work done in the yard…funny how stepping away from the

computer does that for you! The burly menfolk have left me happily alone to aesthetically tweak

the remains of their days here. Now all that’s left to do is water carefully until all the new

planting takes hold. Ideally all of this would have been done a month ago but… c’est la vie.

Old French rose

I had a spare Sombreuil rose at the back of my garden

that was getting a wee bit less sun then ideal, so I hauled

it up to the new sloped garden between the olive tree and an

Italian cypress and am babying it until it forgives me

for roughing it up in the middle of summer…

July garden lavender

The new lavender on the slope is a month away from looking like this…

but we gardeners are always patient…

Still fussing over their top soil, checking carefully

to not over or underwater it…

Here in the lower garden the lavender intermingles happily

and carelessly with hardy geranium Ann Folkard

Liberty antique apple

Espaliered apple tree with “Libery” apples…

purported to be Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple…


The bees were going wild

over this annual poppy…

a firecracker red….

The emerging poppy seed heads

make a beautiful dried arrangement…

and rattle with the seeds of next year’s crop….


Hope you are all picnic-ing and fair-ing and firework-ing happily away…

Happy Birthday, America!

More Provençal Views


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Provence living room

Another one of my very favorite images…I was surprised to realize that

its from the same home as the lit à la polonaise in the previous post…

but from a different source…

sofa detail

Love the fawn tones of the linen…

the heavy simplicity of fabric and form…

Provence living room with interesting ceiling

Furniture in the room a blend of Italian and Provençal furniture from 18th and

19th century. Notice the distinctive architectural elements:  baroque styled

doorway and bookcase, the unique plaster arched ceiling supported by beams.

The doorway feature was modeled after the 18th century Venetian bookcase…

providing a lovely symmetry, height and color to either side of the fireplace…

garden elements

More garden elements inside add to the informal ease of the space…

Antique Biot pot… originally used to store olive oil…here…a pair of

glass cloches on twin tables behind couch…Venetian gondolier lantern…

These images from Provence Style of Living

Jérôme Coignard, photographs from Maisons Côté Sud

Green shutters in Provence salon

Back to the Veranda photos…

The shutters…the lovely volume of the

room carefully anointed with finds…

religious icon and flea treasures

Parisian antique dealer Dominique Bénaed-Dépalle’s shop

Vivement Jeudi provided much of the furniture and objects….

18th century Provence farmhouse

Neutrals and tone on tone lifted

with trace of color and gilding…

Louis XV stone fireplace…

Antique Italian fauteuils in vintage damask…

Distinctive molding in Provence farmhouse

Love the mix of gilded and patina laden baroque

with vintage metal tubs (like in this post here)

Procession lantern stands alongside the

18th century painted secretary…

Architectural feature around Provence farmhouse doorway

View towards the dining room …

Italian chairs around simple wood table…

Italian gilt wood and metal chandelier…

Provence bed

Veranda photo of the daughter’s bedroom…

19th century bed with linen headboard…swathes of

cheesecloth looped from the beamed ceiling…

Provence bed

Provence Style of Living view of same room

at a different date…

Soft colors in the south of France

Master bedroom…antique French bed…

carved Italian chairs…

Dining room in south of Provence
Vaulted ceiling in kitchen…

baroque gilded chandelier over 19th century Swedish table

and 18th century French chairs…wall decorated

with Moustiers and Sarreguemine faience plates…

18th century Provencal farmhouse

View of the late 17th to 18th century farmhouse…

Architectural restoration by Gilles Grégoire

Veranda April-May 2004

Photography Jacques Dirand

Linen and Limestone


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drape detail

You can almost feel the weight of the old linen in this photo…

Voluminous swags casting from the ciel de lit

to form a lit à la polonaise

the tone on tone drapes caught in shadowy folds…

Bedding detail

Silky velvet quilt, casual striped, plain linen, arabesque patterned pillows…

piled on classic tufted linen French mattress…

worn limestone floor and faded fresco…

Lit a la polonaise

Would love to lift the master bedroom ceiling a few feet and

throw this up top…love that its neutral, rough, unshiny…

I know you’ve all seen this image but I thought you’d like to get a closer look…

Provence entryway


The arch of thick limestone walls in the hallowed entry hall of an

17th-18th century Provençal farmhouse…littered tools

of a French country life juxtaposed with antique sconces

and lantern, an incredible limestone floor…


Veranda May-June 2004

Photography Jacques Dirand

Happy Friday


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Provence antiques

Wishing you a perfect summer weekend…

Back to neutrals…back to Provence…

beautiful green shutters and accents…

Provence antiques

Up close…the sublime details…

Antiques in Provence

Gilded finials on twine…an antique wallpaper box…

gilded mirror and mirrored crystal sconces…

love the bleached, worn antiques with traces of old paint…

Provence gilded frames

More faint touches of gilt and paint…

charmingly worn through…

Aubusson tapestry throw behind a small 18th century

French carved and painted table with faux marble top…

A cascade of just picked peonies continuing the floral theme…

Outdoor stone tub

Ultimate indulgence… an outdoor bath….


Top four from May-June 2004

Jacques Dirand photography


Back out to the garden…to be continued…

More Vivid Blue Hues


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Perhaps its all the neutral colors I’m working with now….

The stone and earth of  the landscaping project…

that I’m drawn to the emerging intensity of new blues in the

garden and in print everywhere around me…

watery blue drapes

Tricia Guild is a fabric designer that dallies in an ethereal world

of gleaming blues spiced with floral tones…

range of vivid blues

Cote Est’s sampling of new fabrics from a wide range of fabric houses…

Osbourne and Little, Karin Sajo, Llorca, Nina Campbell, Manuel Canovas…

range of blue fabrics

From Tricia Guild’s book Patterns

A collage of fabrics and inspiration…

Blues and pinks

Love how she mixes her patterns..

beautiful bright, soft hues….

floral curtains with pom poms

Detailed pompom trim…

Love her bright and carefree flourishes…

Tricia Guild fabrics here

Butterfly photos Maison Cote Est March-June ’10

Tricia Guild Pattern photography James Merrell

Pretty Place to Stay Near Paris


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Bright and pretty French style

French designer Stanislassia Klein of Stella Cadente has imbued a 19th century mansion

less than fifty miles north of Paris with whimsy and gilt and color saturated charm.

Located in Provins, an ancient medieval village, the mansion-hotel’s rooms are

inspired by fairy tales…and the color shimmers with intensity…luminosity…

Pink feathered handbag

French dessert

French designer Stanislassia Klein

A model wearing a frothy Stella Cadente confection

photo from Stella Cadente website here

Monet’s waterlily paintings in the background…

Pretty blues in dining room

Monet blues…

etched with gilt

blue walls

Pretty brights in decor

bright blue walls

Each blue deeper and more luscious than the next…

All complemented with intensifying shades of gold…

French brights

Smoldering teal…accented with purple…

French design

Video tour of interior with the designer…

Stanislassia Klein

Beautiful color to start your week…


To view more or book a room go here

More hotel photos at cotemaison.fr here

Cote Est March-June 2010,

photographer Nicolas Millet

Weekend Hues


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Blue flowers

Blue in the garden

blue flowers

Saturated Hydrangea hues….

begin their burst of summer color…

Bella Notte

I couldn’t resist these Bella Notte Deluxe Marie ruffled

pillow cases…slipping them over my French chairs on

the way out to weekend gardening….


Nepeta Mussinii Six Hills Giant

Catmint…a haze of dusky lavender blue

on the upper level of my latest gardening project

lattice fence

First coat of watered down paint on the new project’s

lattice fence…a dark gray with zinc blue under tones

C2 Paints Stomp

Stone steps
The first five steps are in…hardscape to be finished next week. After the hillside’s clay soil

is amended, new lavender can be added in rows in front of olive tree and cypresses…

I love Linda Merrill’s story of hearing her father’s whispers as she remodeled her kitchen here.

My father is so often in my thoughts…I can imagine him sitting on the rock wall beside me on this

lovely cool June weekend. A wonderful, warm man…we all loved his stories, the comfort of his

laughter. We saw how hard he worked and how much joy he found in life…a wonderful lesson

to pass down to your children.

Happy Father’s day to all our wonderful fathers!



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Belgian Eau de Cologne No. 23

Ernest Loos

c. 1930′s

1stdibs here

French style

General Store


Canvas duffel



Late 19th century iron garden chairs



Silk dress

A favorite silk dress…

grosgrain ties, serrated edge…

Madagascar jasmine

Madagascar jasmine…



Antique Garden urn

French garden urn

c. 1840-60



I’m making decisions (and mistakes)…altering between high expectations and

anxiety on my latest landscaping project. “A few steps” are becoming a stone

staircase….a two foot wall is becoming three. And my husband is saying “It was

just fine the way it was”. Why do I get the feeling most of you know what I’m

talking about?! So I’m dabbling in a bit of frivolity with this post. Hope

everyone’s sundresses are out and your summer is off to a fragrant start.


PS Thank you Joni for the Blog Lovin’!!!!!!!!!!!

here…made my day!

I’m also planting more lavender…maybe we can have an

annual lavender threshing party for all those of you

who want to head out to Northern California!!!

Cote de Texas


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Fantastic source of French architectural salvage, stone, antiques

Cote de Texas has been my absolutely favorite blog since I stumbled into the wonderful world of design blogs in 2008. Joni pretty much had me at her header: painted European antiques with carved and flourished edges, pendulous swagged roses, bits of Fortuny and glittering crystal, a trace of gilding. Limestone, linen, French, Swedish and Belgian design, Joni’s eye caught everything I loved. She would throw herself into lengthy discussions on the merits of slipcovers and seagrass and what Restoration Hardware was doing with Belgian design. She’d roll out photo after photo of swoon worthy interiors, crowded antique shops and gravel swept French courtyards. I love that she’s opinionated, audacious, not one to back down from a fight, self-deprecating to a fault, big hearted, generous and kind. In a long search through her onerously prolific blog, I’ve a gathered most of my favorite posts…a fair representation of why Joni’s Cote de Texas is so terrific. Click on the links beyond each title to open up each post and a tumble of gorgeous images ..

Chateau Dominique


French antique shop M. Naeve

A Visit with M. Naeve

here and here

Limestone fireplace Provence kitchen

A French Country House: Authentic Elements


Swedish antiques

Swedish Country Interiors


Swedish Style

A Swede Designs


Belgian tapestry Suzanne Kasler

Cote de Texas Top Designer # 8

Suzanne Kasler here

Belgian design bathroom with chandelier

Belgian Design: Hot, Hot, Hot


Belgian Design distilled into one picture

Belgian Design


Linens and antique salvage

Cote de Texas Top Design Elements

1) Linen


Slipcovered furniture

2) Slipcovers


seagrass rug Cote de Texas

3) Seagrass


Luxurious silk drapery

4) Curtains


French Chandelier in bedroom

5) Lighting


powder room

6) Wall Hangings



Cote Sud: A House on the French Coast


Supremely gorgeous headboard…

Various examples of French Enfilades

Enfilades and Lanternes


antiquarian Rose Tarlow

Rose Tarlow


Cape Grace script drapery

Capetown’s Cape Guest


Vicki Archer's home in Provence

Dreaming of My So Called French Life


And finally….Joni’s first post…May 28, 2007

Living In Houston, Lusting for France

“Welcome to my new, and first, blog! I am an interior designer in Houston, Texas who lives, lusts, and covets anything French (except men!). Not all of my clients (in fact most) feel the same about French Design that I do. Subsequently I am forced to design in styles that aren’t personally what I would choose to live with. But, c’est la vie. I am planning to use this blog to indulge my love of French antiques, French furniture, and anything else pertaining to France! I also plan to showcase French design in Houston, so if you share my love of French and live on the gulf coast, you probably will find things you love here. I am going to start with my own life, my house and the French antiques I’ve bought for it. I also plan to write about how my obsession with French antiques began.”

rows of Provence lavender

I was honored to have Joni mention me on the Skirted Round Table here

My lavender hedges made quite an impression on her last summer…

So this photo’s for you Joni. Thank you for years of beauty and

inspiration, and your kindness and support in my first year of blogging!

Summer Reading


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My French Life Vicki Archer

Vicki Archer’s My French Life is one of my favorite books…

Anyone who has followed Vicki’s Blog French Essence knows she revels

in the enchanted world she lives in on a seventeenth century restored

olive farm in Saint-Remy-de-Provence and sends missives via her blog

on her meanders through France and more far flung environs. Love how

Vicki describes adapting to the custom of choosing entry doors first…

before building the surrounding portal, how a length of admired vintage

passementerie could be re-imagined into her gorgeous bed,  how she

realizes, when led by antique store owner into a dimly lit treasure trove

off a winding Nimes street:

“In France I quickly learned that it is the things that are hidden behind

closed doors that are the most remarkable. Not everything is as it seems. “

My French Life Vicki Archer

Full of gorgeous photos of the restored farmhouse, the gardens and groves,

and surrounding town of St. Remy, dipping into Roman history, bull fighting

in Arles,  Provence cuisine, beauty secrets of French women and numerous

small and charming anecdotes…an absolutely lovely book…


My French Life Vicki Archer

Chemin d’eau…a waterway from ornamental pond to stone basin…

olive orchard and Les Alpilles mountain range in the distance

My French Life Vicki Archer

White gaura and lavender…

beyond the spilling water

My French Life Vicki Archer


Antique bed on cobbled floor…

In the property’s reconstruction,  original material was carefully

saved  “in a field cleared and designated the stockage” and

re-utilized as much as possible

My French Life Vicki Archer

My French Life is an inspiring glimpse into a world that evolves when one takes a chance,

a leap of faith, trusting one’s heart and instincts, and adapting as needed to fullfill

the dream and enjoying every moment of it…

My French Life Vicki Archer

Wonderful and plentiful photos of details

Photography by Carla Coulson

My French Life Vicki Archer

Couldn’t resist showing you the book cover under the jacket…

a photo of a vintage rosy quilt…

Also love that the book comes with a red ribbon

to keep your place….

My French Life Vicki Archer

Originally printed in 2006…My French Life is followed by

French Essence: Ambience, Beauty, and Style in Provence


Vicki Archer My French Life

School is out, summer around the corner…

Over the next few months I’ll highlight my favorite books

I’ve listed on my side column, just in case you need to add

one or two to your shelves…






Provence Garden


, , , ,

Provence Style of Living

A slow and fragrant ascent up-slope to a 17th century stone house

edged with bush morning glory, vittadinia (looks like erigeron),

round balls of dwarf boxwood, rosemary tumbling over the upper

walls and stalwart olive trees and cypresses defining the view…

Lavender and olive trees

Lavender and olive trees near Grasse…

Foliage of both silvery in the sunlight…

softly glowing in the summer dusk…

Stone fountain in the Luberon mountains

Stone fountain in the Luberon mountains…

Italian cypresses in the background…

Olive leaves Trouvais

Up close glimpse of my new olive tree…will be moved up to a sloped Provence garden

I’m creating off the master bedroom. Blue Italian cypresses, lavender, the daisy like

ground cover erigeron, hazy blue nepata, and a pallet of Sonoma stone are slowly

moving into place. The David Austin white Glamis Castle roses have been pruned back

hard to rejuvenate them and creeping thyme is started between the pavement.

Rather than terracing the area to a perfect level,  I’m letting there be a gentle

slope, planning a more informal pathway of steps up through the sloped garden.

Stone table in Provence

Harvesting lavender on an old stone table shaded by mulberry trees

on the terrace of an 18th century country house in Haut-Var…

Reminds me of last summer when I was doing the same with my

bumper crop of lavender …see my Lavender Harvest post here

The scent was intoxicating, heavenly….

One can never have too much lavender! My favorite type here

Garden gate and Provence garden

Clipped yew hedges and conical boxwood attempt to order the riotous lavender

in the kitchen garden of the Château Val-Joanis in the Luberon mountains…

gold fine pathway and an old wrought-iron gate….


Provence Style of Living

Jérôme Coignard

Photographs and captions from Maison Côté Sud

More garden inspiration at Authentic Provence here

Chateau Dominque here

Colette in Wonderland


, , ,

Colette's South Africa home

One of my dear readers, Colette, has just dipped her toes into blog land! Hailing from

the intriguing world of South Africa, dripping with talent and good taste, on a steady

diet of all things French, and currently rifling through the brocantes in Chateauroux

with her husband and adorable daughter, Colette is a natural with her camera,

capturing exactly what I want to see as if I was peering over her shoulder or elbowing

her out of the way for a choice piece of French linen. The photos of her home in South

Africa are incredible. I love the expectant feeling captured as furniture is unwrapped,

ladders still scaling the upper reaches of her gorgeous vaulted and beamed ceilings.

French Interiors in South Africa

Last November Colette sent me a charming email…

Dear Trish, I discovered your blog by chance one evening and just simply forgot everything
around me...it was like picking up this most wonderful book and being transported into
 another world...so inspiring and so reliable- I receive your feed every eve at almost
the same time -  between 10pm and 11pm in South Africa....so it is my relax and enjoy
 moment....my last thoughts and the best bedtime story to fall asleep with and dream on
.....gosh that sounds soppy, but just love your blog! congrats on your 200th!
kind regards from another francophile....way down South..

French interior in South Africa

What perfection in a photo: the symmetry of the arched tall windows,

the French parquet floor, nuanced cafe au lait walls,  the glistening globes

of crystal dripping down from the ceiling’s enormous height…

Antique French chair

We’ve exchanged many emails since and I’m so excited that she’s taking this leap…

Like so many of us, she is an amazing woman, with a wonderful and unique

perspective towards the beauty in her world and the desire to reach out and share it….

Antique French letters

In one of her first posts at  La Brocanteuse Colette writes:

Both my husband (de VilliersNel) and myself(nee-Marais) descend from the French Huguenots that

arrived in South Africa in 1685. These French Huguenots that fled France when the edict of Nantes

was repealed , settled in the Western Cape,  most of them in the wine regions of Stellenbosch, and a

little village not far from where we live now, called Franschoek (if you translate this directly:

“French corner”). My maiden name was Marais- we traced it  all the way back  to this little village

between  valleys and mountains in the Luberon.

In Provence

A wonderful start…the first step is always the hardest!

A glimpse into yet another beautiful world…

Visit La Brocanteuse here…

La Brocanteuse

Tag along while she travels through

the south of France…and be sure to say hello!

Golden June


, , , , ,

Karl Lagerfeld Coutour Trouvais

Early 18th century style water-resistant jacket

Karl Lagerfeld Couture for Chanel

Silk Trading Co fabrics…

From earlier post Fawn here

Coco Chanel apartment

from Coco on the Rue Cambon here

Rose Tarlow

Rose Tarlow antique chairs

from Have a Seat here

Paris apartment of Stephen Shubel
Stephen Shubel in Paris here

Antique copper bath in a Paris apartment

From The Old Country post here

Cote Sud candlelit table Trouvais

Theatrical post here

Paris apartment
These curtains hang in the home of Isabel Adjani

Paris Beauty here

Top photo Vogue Magazine Oct  ’07

Photographer Robert Fairer

Villa Details


, , , , , ,

Antique French bed Trouvais

Designer Laura Biagiotti’s gold-threaded white Italian silk draped bedroom

at the Castello di Marco Simone, built between the 11th and 15th centuries

on the former site of a Roman villa…

French c. 1830 silk swagged and baldacchino topped bed…

Painted cove ceiling

Frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries on the second floor…

some dating from Roman times and collected from other villas…

Discovered under nine coats of paint and restored by five

preservation artists over a year and a half…

Italian frescos Trouvais

Early 16th century allegorical figure of summer…

Stucco bas relief

Bas relief on bathroom wall of Mariuccia Mandelli and Aldo Pinto

of the Italian fashion house, Krizia…

formal parterre in Verona Trouvais

Elaborate boxwood parterres at the entrance to Villa Emo

Privately owned by the Emo family until 2004, it has been conserved

as part of the Palladian Villas of the Veneto.

Stone table on Verona terrace

A stone table set in gravel courtyard at Villa Elmo…

Lovely walls…

Italian allee

A statue at the end of a long line of poplar trees…

Italian Style

Catherine Sabino & Angelo Tomdini

Photography Guy Bouchet

Published 1985