Architectual remnants…


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18th c Style plaster moulding from chateau paneling

“Set before a stunning piece of plaster molding-

originally from paneling in a chateau-is the grace

of a dove, the transparency of crystal carafes,

and the sheen of silver bells …”

18th c Style plaster moulding from chateau paneling 2

In her farmhouse home in the Brie region of France,

Cleo Bertin emphasizes a  ” gentle range of whites and

excluding colors, she teases out the essence of objects,

their esprit and resonance, and sets them center stage…”

The New Eighteenth Century Style

French Home Josephine Ryan

The patina of old paint, a gilded and chipped floral swag…

“The living room…the place you define your values,

your history, and your tastes…”

French Home

Josephine Ryan

1stdibs England c. 1820

Candace Barnes

Palace of Westminister ceiling medallion fragment…

c. 1820 England

Framing a piece of history…

18th century Style

” So as not to forget her much-loved earlier life in a large

family house, Nicole Polonovski has brought to this more modest

dwelling some of her furniture and all of its memories…”

The New Eighteenth Century Style

Michele Lalande


“Old and new parts”

Antique plaster floral and ribbon cascade…


attached to bead trimmed, silver sage painted wood panel

with double tier candelabra…

Pair set on either side of French doors in my dining room…


One of a pair of antique French chairs…

Originally gilded and garishly brocaded…

I stripped and painted them in sages and creams

and they sit prettily abreast my mother’s  mirrored armoire,

content in a lady’s dressing room to be “deshabille” for the moment

The New French Decor 18th c Venetian Lanterns

Antique 18th century Venetian lantern on jute cushioned settee…

The New French Decor

Michele Lalande


The perfection of imperfection…

of found objects…

of personal treasures…




Nelly O'Brien. 1762 Reynolds

Her quilted silk skirt seemed familiar…

Nelly O’Brien

Sir Joshua Reynols

c. 1762

colette quilted

Bella Notte quilted Collette pillows



Bella Notte quilted Collette coverlet…

Own collection

Chateau Outrelaise

Would love to be tucked within this draped bed

with a good French novel…

Chateau Outrelaise

LACMA France c. 1750 Polycrome silk

Polychrome silk brocaded on cream silk ground…

“the Chinese Astronomer”

c. 1750 France


LACMA c. 1772 Colonial

Could these be tucked under her skirt…?

Silk brocade shoes

c. 1772


Last honeyed drips of summer…


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Marie Antoinette 8

“The queen’s bedchamber at Versailles, recreated to the state it was in,

in October 1789… has been restored complete(ly)

with its heavy white brocaded taffeta, woven in Lyon”

Marie Antoinette Style

Detail of settee fabric…

note Marie’s initials…

Marie Antoinette Style

Adrien Goetz

Tria Giovan

Golden pears touched with sunlight…

the glint of gold and green on background upholstery…

Tria Giovan Photography

The Bed 2

Gorgeous quilted yellow silk…

Ribbon threaded and bowed lace sheet…

The Bed

Alecia Beldegreen

The Bed

A raucous evening’s end …

The Bed

Shoes Marie Antoinette

18th century shoes,

keepsake box…

Marie Antoinette Style


A coil of golden passementarie drops. ..

and a small embroidered silk purse

set on a  French letter from 1813

Strong and silent…


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“Possagno in Northern Italy is home to a divine collection of

marble statues and original plaster casts by Antonio Canova,

perhaps the finest classical sculpture of the 18th century…

The World of Interiors

April 2008

Cote Paris June-Aug 09.2

Low luster black paint smolders over the classical bones

of deeply paneled walls. The crystal chandelier and white

porcelain tub, crisp ceiling, and white matted art arrest

and direct the eye…

Cote Paris June-Aug 09.3

Venetian mirror and chrome Lefroy et Brooks do their part

to fracture and send light about the room…

Cote Paris June to Aug  '09.4

When the bathroom is suffused with natural light

from the window beyond the tub…the black grays in it’s path…

Cote Paris June-August  ’09


19th century landscape etching

with simple, strong black frame…

Ebay France

Tria Giovan.2

Old classical elements are pulled together

and pop off the new dark walls…

Tria Giovan photography

Bust of Napoleon by Antonio Canova 18th c

Bust of a young Napoleon Bonaparte…

World of Interiors

The New 18th century Style

Arrangement by architect Jean-Francois Millevoye…

“An 18th century sculpted wooden Italian lantern is suspended

within an industrial mold made of wooden marquetry…”

The New Eighteenth Century Style

Lte 19th c court frock coat and hat Bonhams July 09

19th century Court frock coat…

Bonhams archives

The New 18thc Style Outrelaise

Chateau Outrelaise

stone and iron staircase…

The New Eighteenth Century Style

Lalande & Trillard


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If walls could talk…


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The Bed Duchesse de Mouchy.2

“During the reign of Louis XVI, the Duchesse de Mouchy,

lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette, occupied this bed …”

If you look through the bed drapery you’ll see the

reflection of the bust of Duchesse de Mochy at the window…

The Bed

Alecia Beldegreen

Fabrics LeBeau

From another perspective…

Luminous green silk taffeta drapes and a wistful aristocratic gaze

In Jacques Garcia’s house in Paris…


Caroline Lebeau

Madame Dange

Madame Dange

“One striking discovery concerns the Cabinet of Fables, the boudoir of Madame Dange’s house on the Place Vendome, painted in the 1750s with illustrations from La Fontaine’s fables. When the house became the residence of Paris’s military governor in the 19th century the boudoir was gilded and repainted in an ostentatious style. Research and radiographic examination revealed the original. The idea of stripping away all the 19th-century additions, an aesthetically desirable course, was considered. But the additions revealed much about how one era can alter the work of an earlier. The museum decided to compromise. One side of the cabinet has been restored to something like the original, the other retains its 19th-century gilding.”

Cabinet of Fables

Click  Le Cabinet des Fables

to watch a short film on the restoration…

Boiserie at the Petiti Trianon World of Interiors Oct 06

Boiserie detail at Petit Trianon…

“The cabinets paneled walls, in the pale Wedgewood blue favored by Marie Antoinette, are decorated with stucco. The brothers Rousseau completed this work in 1887.”

World of Interiors Oct. ’06

Boiserie 18th c French 1stdibs

French boiserie panel

18th century


Dangerous Liasons

Dangerous Liaisons

Fashion and Furniture in the Eighteenth Century

Test of time…




What does your china say about you?

Do you still match your first china pattern ?


Gold Corail

Giraud limoges…sold through Gump’s and Tiffany’s

when I registered for wedding china in the ’80’s…


Still in love with the uplifted scrolled edges, touched by gilt…

the shell textured rim, the tiny painted bugs on the

underside of the espresso saucer…


Slowly added piece by piece over the years…

Love the tendrils extending from the handles.

Rothschild Bird



Rothchild bird story…

… a 19th century tale about Baroness Rothschild,

who lost her pearl necklace in the garden of her Vienna residence.

Several days later it was found by her gardener,

who saw birds playing with it in a tree.


Inspired by Little Augury

I’m obviously a dreamer. Still love French, flowers, texture,

gilt, white, fanciful provenance . My flights of fancy are usually

balanced by constancy and periods of frugality. I have my coffee

every morning in the now chipped, finely crazed coffee cups

given to me by my best friend over 20 years ago.

Originally produced by Davenport 1794-1887 Burleigh Staffordshire England

As originally produced by Davenport 1794-1887

Burleigh Staffordshire


What’s new…still looks old


My son gave his teacher an eggplant he’d picked for

back to school…

and she painted a thank-you note to him.

Love how the Astier de Villatte sauce boat

compliments the eggplant…


a covered Louis XV style tureen by Collection Regards

here or here



Ensensoir Oiseau for burning incense

or merely enjoying it’s sculptural quality…


Astier de Villatte and Collection Regards look similar

because they began as one company and then parted ways..