Theatrical Backdrops



Wendy Lewis The textile Trunk

Loody Lady Ebay antique textiles

Wendy Lewis the Textile Trunk

Antique textiles Wendy Lewis

The most beautiful bed…photos by Wendy Lewis of The Textile Trunk from her home…

Wendy is spending her days in her barn…unpacking boxes from last Fall’s buying trips…

Beautiful 19th century Chateau pieces…hand block printed, or hand painted… that can be employed as bed coverings, curtain swags, wall hangings…theatrical backdrops to the drama in your lives!


The quilts…all fresh, newly arrived and old…are amazing as well…

Antique French quilt

More Textile Trunk quilts here

And I do love seeing the antique textiles in situ in Wendy’s home!

The cornices…the floors!



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Trouvais Bella Notte pillows

antique linens

Trouvais antique linens

Trouvais Bella Notte

Trouvais antique paperbacksI am deep in closets this week. I have even bought a bit of Bella Notte from the outlet to dye and add to the pile of Bella Notte for my Trouvais sale. You do know that this is the best time of the year to go to flea markets, don’t you? All the sellers with their pent up stocks!

The books are a keeper…Rousseau…in French…with a lovely pattern on their c. 1800 paperback bindings. Your thoughts on bloomers? I’m on the hunt for my clothespins so I can show you a clothesline full of them…

What colors are your bedrooms these days…are we still all gray?