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Trouvais Bella Notte pillows

antique linens

Trouvais antique linens

Trouvais Bella Notte

Trouvais antique paperbacksI am deep in closets this week. I have even bought a bit of Bella Notte from the outlet to dye and add to the pile of Bella Notte for my Trouvais sale. You do know that this is the best time of the year to go to flea markets, don’t you? All the sellers with their pent up stocks!

The books are a keeper…Rousseau…in French…with a lovely pattern on their c. 1800 paperback bindings. Your thoughts on bloomers? I’m on the hunt for my clothespins so I can show you a clothesline full of them…

What colors are your bedrooms these days…are we still all gray?

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Carolyn Quartermaine


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Trouvais Quartermaine Signiture Script Eau de Nils

Carolyn Quartermaine’s iconic (and much imitated) 18th century script fabric has been slavishly adored by many of us since it was first created. Her book published in 1997 in both the UK and USA can be found under two different titles…but it’s the same book: Carolyn Quartermaine Revealed…or Unwrapped…by Kate Constable, photography Jaques Dirand. One of the few design books that remains fresh and timeless. I love her artist’s approach to decorating and creating her beautiful silk screened fabric. Her website here is replete with gorgeous images of the work she has done from Chateau Beloeil in Belgium to the Bluebird in London. If you search Quartermaine on my blog, you will see a generous sampling of her work. I purchased quite a bit of fabric from Carolyn a few years ago, and even had the pleasure of talking with her via phone. If you are interested in her purchasing her fabric she encourages you to email her directly. Her script and floral fabric are in stock and can be purchased via Paypal in 2 meter minimums and shipped direct. Her newer pieces like the bespoke toile have 3 meter minimums, with longer lead times. More info at bottom of post.

Carolyn Quartermaine Signature Script

 Eau de Nil taffeta Signature Script gold CQ1
Carolyn Quartermaine canvas scriptGold Signature Script on canvas CQ22

Carolyn Quartermaine textiles

Would love this backed with stripes and edged with pleated grosgrain…so many ideas…so little time!

Carolyn Quartermaine textiles

This golden piece of floral screen-printed satin is 33″ wide and 59″ long..just waiting patiently for the perfect wide chair…though I could see a strip of pink taffeta on one side. Carolyn Quartermaine

My last bit of Fruity Pink taffeta with French Script.

Carolyn Quartermaine

Well…Hello There!


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San Francisco antiquesSan Francisco best antique stores

San Francisco best antique stores

San Francisco's best antique storesI was in San Francisco earlier today and stopped by Big Daddy’s Antiques….

Loved how he’s throwing color and chairs around!

The top set of blue were sold (to a fabulous Northern California designer…think St. Helena)…but the deconstructed red white and blue was adorable, affordable, and available.

More to see at Big Daddy’s Antiques here