In the Details



Antique Swedish

Porcelain kitchen at Thureholm…

Decorated in the 1740s

Walls, sideboards, doors decorated with scenes from

the Orient as a backdrop to the family’s collection of

blue and white porcelain imported from China…


antique Swedish porcelain


The recess above the decorative ledge was designed to hold a cup.

Busy these days on details and struck by the beauty of every

curve, every hue of this room….


The Swedish Room

Lars and Ursula Sjöberg

Photography Ingalill Snitt


Lars Bolander’s Swedish Design

Another view…page 9…


François & Co


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Francois & Co

In San Francisco today to look at tile and stumbled into

this gorgeous space…the showroom of François & Co

Founded in 1997, with manufacturing in Atlanta, Georgia,

François & Co has showrooms in Atlanta, New York, Beverly Hills,

Winter Park…and the San Francisco showroom that just opened this Fall…

more here


Francois & Co San Francisco Trouvais


Beautiful fireplaces, walls, floors…

Francois & Co Trouvais


Up close…the authentic look of antique carved limestone…

Columns, kitchen hoods…

all made with a technique called  Scagliola…

Francois & Co San Francisco Trouvais

Have you ever heard of Scagliola?

“…it is a technique that was developed during the 17th century by impoverished

Italian monks…searching for an economical way to restore their monastery and

discovered that an aggregate of travertine, marble and limestone chips (Scaglia

in Italian), stabilizing agents and pigments could be combined to form a material

indistinguishable from the original stone. Using binding agents and natural

pigments the chips of stone were crushed and mixed to create a paste that was

applied by hand, layer after layer into a mold. After the product was dry, it was

sanded and polished all by hand.”  More info here

Francois & Co San Francisco Trouvais

Their Innova collection of hardwood floors

recreate the look of antique European floors…

Francois & Co San Francisco Trouvais

They have a beautiful line of mosaics…here

and this empire tub made with the Scagliola technique…

Francois & Co San Francisco Trouvais

At around $9500…not exactly a budget

tub, but a wee bit better than solid marble…

Beautiful website will get you dreaming here

François & Co

Decorative lime plaster wall in first photo done by

artist Olivier Garnier…

See his portfolio and publications  here