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belgian grain sacks, French ticking and French linen outdoor bed Trouvais

Time to throw ourselves outdoors…

Have been waiting for the last of the spring rains

so I could toss pillows and myself outdoors…

courtyard view Trouvais

Husband on vacation, kids moving hither and yon,

a wide patch of new landscape cleared of stumps

and old ivy, “Walt Whitman” compost (Leaves of Grass)

scattered across the garden, thirty new lavender

plants crisscrossing over new terrain…

The full tilt into summer begins!

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Memorial Day


In memory of all our soldiers that have fought for freedom and country

and the families they’ve left behind…

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day

of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service.

History behind Memorial Day here



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Spring in full flower in Northern California…

From my garden in the cooler San Francisco bay area


emerging apples from early spring blossoms…


Ripening cherries…


foxglove’s enticing hues and patterns…

espalliered apple

Poppies and erigeron fronting an espaliered apple tree. Having a smallish garden,

I love placing fruit trees amidst roses and perennials. After my grandfather died,

my uncle, a polio survivor, had taken over the daily working of the ranch and orchards,

and I remember how keen he was on helping me pick out my first fruit tree, an espaliered

Bosc pear. He loved watching John Wayne westerns, and had equally as much swagger,

toughness, and kindness… He is one of many I miss this weekend…

walnut grove

Wide open canopy of a walnut grove at my mother’s ranch in the San Joaquin

valley less than two hours drive east into the heart of California…

I used to spend summers barefoot in these orchards, or up at dawn to grade

pears and peaches that were being sent off to markets or the local cannery…

My mother still has memories of walking these fields with her dad.

Memories can be so bittersweet…