Peach, pink, gold…




Garden roses in July…

Rose printed silk c 1910 AA

Rose printed silk c. 1910

Augusta Auctions


Ancient themes on old terra cotta garden urn…

bed this is glamorous blog


This is Glamorous

curtains this is glam blog


This is Glamorous


gold flecked pink cornice…

salvaged from church in France…


age worn edges and craquelure

and softened terra cotta tones…

Gold and large floral Niforos

18th century Italian silk and velvet panel

Gold and peach embroidered floral detail …


Embroidered panel 17thcentury augustaauctions

17th century embroidered panel

Augusta Auctions

chausable france Lyon, France 1735-1740 LACMA

Chausable (Ecclesiastical costume)

Silk thread supplementary weft brocaded on silk satin, metallic silver braid, linen

Lyon, France c. 1735-1740


Shawl c 1820 Vintage textile

The shifting hue—rose to peach—is  elusive, but that is

exactly what makes the shawl seem alive with color.

Regency silk damask shawl c 1820


Tantalizingly unavailable silk flower

from J Crew summer cataloque…


summer peaches…

on Jerusalem Gold honed limestone..


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Ceil du lit…

overbed c 1900 red tickingover bed canopy

Ceil du lit

Polonaise style bed corona

Red Ticking



lace 319th century muslin applique lace over skirt……

lace 5

bits of muslin tamboured

by hand into net…

lace 2

Carrickmacross or Belgium applique…

24 inch waist…

imagined as over bed curtain …

bella notte 4
Whisper Linen

bella notte 2
Jute covered antique chair with
Velvet and Colette throw pillows…
Bella Notte Linens
18th century dutch top back close 1
18th century Dutch brocade bodice
from Bonhams to Ebay UK…
detail of linen lining of  sleeve…
Fait Main…hand made.
Beauty juxtaposed against the ordinary…
fine fabrics against rough…

18th century silk…


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bonhams 18th open robe

From Bonhams archives…

An 18th century floral embroidered open robe

Worked in bouquets of flowers to include tulips, roses and carnations, in brightly coloured wool, in shades in pinks, blues and yellows, with green foliage, to a cream ground

Estimate: £4,000 – 6,000

18th century silk embroiderey augusta

18th century embroidery

bonhams early 18th silk bodice

Early 18th century silk bodice…

Bonhams archives

Italy, Bologna Ecclesiastical Costume (Chasuble

Ecclesiastical Costume…Chasuble

c. 1735-1740

Bologna, Italy


dress c 1760-70 ma

Robe a la Francais


dress  close c 1760-70 ma

the pale pinky mauve shot silk taffetta brocade

woven with a simulated lace meander alternating

with large petalled flower sprays in white/silver thread..

fabric samples 2

fabric samples…

fabric samples 18th century Augusta auctions

mens coat 1780 ebay france

18th century

Habit a la Francaise

Ebay France

18th century

18th century fixed fan



Mans cap switz 18th LACAM

18th century Man’s cap



18th c German

18th century German

Metropolitan Museum of Art

18th century hairdressing…



Cora Ginsburg hairdressing

Cora Ginsburg 2002 hairdressing cataloque

L’Art de la Coeffure des Dames Francoises

avec des estampes, ou sont representees les tetes coeffee

by Legros de Rumigny


Between 1768 and 1770, Legros de Rumigny published a five volume work devoted to the art of female hairdressing. In the last years of the 1760’s, woman’s coiffures increased in height and elaboration, and were decorated with ribbons, lace, jewels, artificial flowers, feathers, and small caps. The one hundred engraved plates contained in the complete set of L’Art de la Coeffure anticipate the towering and extravagant hairstyles that characterized the 1770’s. …pg 18

Ladies powdering jacket 1790

Lady’s powdering jacket

c. 1790

in defense of hair and face powder…?


French 1870's


Rendez-vous pour Marly

by Moreau le Jeune

duchess 5


Click below for trailer…





The first notable trend she began was the three-foot hair tower. Hair was already large at the time, especially due to French influences, Georgiana simply took it one step further. The hair towers required scented pomade, pads of horse hair, and at least two hairdressers in order to be constructed. To this, Georgiana would add scenes such as the classic ship in sail or stuffed birds. As with every trend in London, woman immediately took to the look and tried to make it more outrageous by making their hair even taller or more ornate.

The Duchess of Devonshire’s Gossip Guide



From head to toe…


, , , , ,

Neal Continental School Rosalie Julie Von Bonar 2

19th c. Watercolor Portrait Miniature

Continental School

“Rosalie Julie Von Bonar”

Neal Auctions

dress 1830 blue tulle

Pale blue tulle gown

c. 1835

dress 1830 blue tulle 2

cascading embroidered roses…

dress 1830 blue tulle 4JPGEbay UK

ending July 2…


aqua ribboned sleeves

19th century aqua ribbon embellished sleeves


Purse 1850 England LACMA

Palest blue embroidered purse

c. 1850


Victorian embroidered socks

Embroidered Victorian socks



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…memories of Italian country roads….

DSCN43120001DSCN4312waft amidst the lavender…

DSCN42030001DSCN4203Descendants of lizards caught by the kids on family hikes

and carefully brought home so long ago…

DSCN41910001DSCN4191populate the garden beneath the erigeon

and rustle amongst the lavender and geraniums…


fighting countless secret wars

with fierce buggy competitors….


Bees buzz busily and nod the lavender

beneath their earnest flight…




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A pair of antique county lieutenant’s

full dress epaulets…


King’s Crown silver gilt buttons, embroidered

bullion badges of office, silver wire tassel fringe….



reproduction 19th century medals…

military badge hogspear

Military badge…


Victorian 10th Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales's Own) officer's cross belt and pouch

Victorian 10th Royal Hussars Prince of  Wales own

Officers cross belt and pouch…


Victorian or early 20th century state official full dress tail coat hogspear

Victorian or early 20th century state official’s full dress tail coat …

coat detail

bright metallic wire and golden cord front detail …


England 19th Century
British Victorian 17th Regiment Uniform Jacket

Coup d Etat

19th century engravings of Napoleon's Egypt campaign 1stdibsEarly 19th century engravings of architectural

details and sites of Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign


campaign dest 1stdibsMahagony folding campaign desk

England 19th century


Military English travel boxc. 1790 1stdibs

British military travel box c. 1790


Antique art exch sf $5950

Folding campaign chair

England 19th century