If walls could talk…


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The Bed Duchesse de Mouchy.2

“During the reign of Louis XVI, the Duchesse de Mouchy,

lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette, occupied this bed …”

If you look through the bed drapery you’ll see the

reflection of the bust of Duchesse de Mochy at the window…

The Bed

Alecia Beldegreen

Fabrics LeBeau

From another perspective…

Luminous green silk taffeta drapes and a wistful aristocratic gaze

In Jacques Garcia’s house in Paris…


Caroline Lebeau

Madame Dange

Madame Dange

“One striking discovery concerns the Cabinet of Fables, the boudoir of Madame Dange’s house on the Place Vendome, painted in the 1750s with illustrations from La Fontaine’s fables. When the house became the residence of Paris’s military governor in the 19th century the boudoir was gilded and repainted in an ostentatious style. Research and radiographic examination revealed the original. The idea of stripping away all the 19th-century additions, an aesthetically desirable course, was considered. But the additions revealed much about how one era can alter the work of an earlier. The museum decided to compromise. One side of the cabinet has been restored to something like the original, the other retains its 19th-century gilding.”

Cabinet of Fables

Click  Le Cabinet des Fables

to watch a short film on the restoration…

Boiserie at the Petiti Trianon World of Interiors Oct 06

Boiserie detail at Petit Trianon…

“The cabinets paneled walls, in the pale Wedgewood blue favored by Marie Antoinette, are decorated with stucco. The brothers Rousseau completed this work in 1887.”

World of Interiors Oct. ’06

Boiserie 18th c French 1stdibs

French boiserie panel

18th century


Dangerous Liasons

Dangerous Liaisons

Fashion and Furniture in the Eighteenth Century

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Test of time…




What does your china say about you?

Do you still match your first china pattern ?


Gold Corail

Giraud limoges…sold through Gump’s and Tiffany’s

when I registered for wedding china in the ’80′s…


Still in love with the uplifted scrolled edges, touched by gilt…

the shell textured rim, the tiny painted bugs on the

underside of the espresso saucer…


Slowly added piece by piece over the years…

Love the tendrils extending from the handles.

Rothschild Bird



Rothchild bird story…

… a 19th century tale about Baroness Rothschild,

who lost her pearl necklace in the garden of her Vienna residence.

Several days later it was found by her gardener,

who saw birds playing with it in a tree.


Inspired by Little Augury

I’m obviously a dreamer. Still love French, flowers, texture,

gilt, white, fanciful provenance . My flights of fancy are usually

balanced by constancy and periods of frugality. I have my coffee

every morning in the now chipped, finely crazed coffee cups

given to me by my best friend over 20 years ago.

Originally produced by Davenport 1794-1887 Burleigh Staffordshire England

As originally produced by Davenport 1794-1887

Burleigh Staffordshire


What’s new…still looks old


My son gave his teacher an eggplant he’d picked for

back to school…

and she painted a thank-you note to him.

Love how the Astier de Villatte sauce boat

compliments the eggplant…


a covered Louis XV style tureen by Collection Regards

here or here



Ensensoir Oiseau for burning incense

or merely enjoying it’s sculptural quality…


Astier de Villatte and Collection Regards look similar

because they began as one company and then parted ways..

Early 19th century dress…


Spenser and dress taffeta c. 1807 Fashion in Detail 17-18th

Green chenille pom-poms enhance this charming spencer and matching dress…

British cotton lined taffeta dress

c. 1807-1810

Spenser and dress taffeta c. 1807 Fashion front in Detail 17-18th

Fashion in Detail

Seventeen and Eighteenth Century

LACMA c. 1814

Walking Dress c. 1814

Fashion Plate


Chemisette 18th-19th century French MET


late 18th to early 19th c


Metropolitan Museum of Art

London 1801 Fashion in Detail

Diaphamous muslin gown embroidered in cotton thread..

Fabric India, Dress British

c. 1800

Fashion in Detail

Shoes and Slippers from Snowshill book 2.

After the French Revolution, and twenty years of Continental war…

“there developed a nostalgia for Greek and Roman styles

and the purity and simplicity these implied. The slipper became

the footwear associated with delicate muslin dresses …”

Label c. 1820 Snowshill

C. 1820

From the collection of Charles Paget Wade

Shoes and Slippers from Snowshill

Althea Mackenzie

Fontainebleau, etc…



Silk 5

“Napoleon’s second salon at Fountainebleau, furnished in 1810.

Carved and guilded armchairs upholstered in green cisele velvet

patterned with urns of flowers surrounded by rosettes

and palm leaves…”


Jacques Anquetil

French notebook 1811 2

Antique French silk brocade book cover…

Embellished with Napoleonic bees…

French notebook 1811

Silver half franc coin (marked Paris 1811) on ribbon acts as bookmark…

Simply Chateau… sold on Ebay

Elle Decoration June 2008

Les Arts Decoratifs

Charles Percier and Pierre-Francois-Leonard-Fontaine were

architects, interior decorators, and designers during the reign

of Napoleon.. refurbishing the palaces at Fontainebleau, Strasbourg,

and Versailles.The Empire style that they created drew on the classical art

and architecture that they so loved. Their aim was not to replicate the

buildings of antiquity, but to translate classic designs into

a modern idiom.” More…

Elle Decoration June ’08

Percier Fontaine les Arts decoratifs Paris

Lit avec Baldaquin

An engraving from the collection of Percier and Fontaine c. 1801…

Created in mahogany by Jacob Brothers and preserved

at Fountainbleau.

Gift from Napoleon to his sister Pauline

Designed by Percier and Fontaine, this Tureen was part

of a large table service given by Napoleon to his sister…

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fabrics Caroline Lebeau

“Traditional Empire bee design…

Fabrics, furnishings and ornaments of the Empire often featured

the Napoleonic motif-enormous N’s encircled by laurel wreaths,

eagles, and swans, in addition to bees….


Caroline Lebeau


click on all highlighted text for more information

August gardens…



Villa Pisani Wharton's Italian Gardens

Villa Pisani click for more…

Built c. 1735-40 for the procurator of St. Marks in Venice,

later purchased by Napoleon, who stayed in it only one night…

Edith Wharton’s Italian Gardens

Vivian Russell

The Glory of Roses Hicote Manor striped rose 2 Phlomis samia

Striped Bourbon rose paired with Phlomis samia

Hidcote Manor, Glouchestershire

The Glory of Roses


Honorine de Brabant in my garden…

Bourbon Roses are named for the Ile Bourbon,

in the Indian Ocean, where they traditionally

are supposed to have originated from a natural cross

between the China `Parsons’ Pink’ and the red `Tous-les-Mois’”

The Gardens of Russel Page

“The Marchesa Gallarati Scotti created a myrtle garden

within the framework of a rose garden that had been

designed by Page…”

The Gardens of Russel Page 2

“A rustic path runs from the little church garden

up to San Liberato’s entrance court…”

The Gardens of Russell Page

Edith Wharton's Italian Gardens

Guisti Gardens

“The gardens were designed so that the patterns of the parterre

would be revealed when the visitor looked down from the turret…”

Villa Cuzzano Edith Wharton's Italian Gardens

Villa Cuzzano

The archway overhung with Rosa banksiae leads the eye

past the two wings of the villa to the view beyond…”

Edith Wharton’s Italian Gardens

Simply sublime…



Cote Sud Jan 2009

Coqui-Coqui Spa

Located on a cobbled street in the colonial city of Valladolid

on the Yucatan Peninsula, it also houses a perfume laboratory

The almost ascetic restraint in tone and detail in the room above

highlights the frivolity of the chandelier and it’s bohemian swag…

Maison Cote Sud

January ’09

Trove 3

Louis XIII style canape

pared down to jute (burlap)…



Carved and water gilded frames…

Peru c. 1850


Spanish Colonial c. 1780 1stdibs

Articulated Spanish Colonial Santos figure

with original worn painted decoration…

c. 1780


19th century French boule balls

A collection of French Boule balls

19th century



Cote Sud Jan 2009 5

Hacienda Uayamon

swimming amongst the ruins…

“Walk through our candlelit private gardens amongst the whistling

of frogs or discover Edzna, an intriguing Mayan site…”

Cote Sud Jan 2009 4

Darkly beautiful…


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Voqie Living Australia Massimo Ferragamo

In the hills of Tuscany…

Castiglion del Bosco… “a wonderfully atmospheric and authentic

Italian wine estate that has been reimagined and restored by

Massimo Ferragamo (son of legendary shoe maker Salvadore)…

Just minutes from the idyllic hilltop village of Montalcino”

Voque Living Australia Ferragamo 4

“a number of Tuscan farmhouses have been transformed

into villas, while the core of the estate is Il Borgo, a village

comprising 17th and 18th century buildings perched high

on a hilltop that is home to 16 luxurious quest suites…”

Voqie Living Australia Massimo Ferragamo 3

Interesting details….

horn lamp, see through curio cabinet…

Voque Living Australia Ferragamo 6

Ensuite marble soaking tub…

Voque Living Australia Ferragamo 7

The shadows of cypresses cast long shadows against

the stone facade of Villa Castello,

“one of the atmospheric houses at Il Borgo…”


The estate’s treasures include “Etruscan artefacts dating

back to 600 BC, the ruins of a 12th century castle fortress

after which the estate is named, and Chiesa di San Michele

Arcangelo, a 700 year old chapel with a fresco

dating from the 14 century by Pietro Lorenzetti…”

Vogue Living Australia

Collector’s edition

For more photos and story click here


And in Morocco…

World of Interiors Oct 06 MOP banquette

Love how the intricate mother of pearl inlay glints

from the dark umber shadows, and the touches of carmine red……

World of Interiors Oct ’06

Syrian-inspired banquette and Venetian

crystal lamp in the reception room of Jean-Paul

Gaultier’s home “Dar Tiour ‘the house of the birds’

hidden in the heart of in Marrakesh’s medina…”

Italian Hours book cover

Visitors to the Dodges Palace (detail)

c. 1870

Museo Civico di Bassano del Grappa

New old things…


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Juxtaposition 1stdibs

Vintage Station Stop style



Maison Cote Sud (Dec. 03)

“Jose Esteves… la tete dans les etoiles…”

Subway sign

“Rare unframed New York Vintage Subway”  sign…


Anthropologie 3

Anthropologie cataloque

Coco's stall Flea Market

Flea Market…

Antique hat box Ebay

Antique hat box



Chelsea Antiques


Excerpts from the collections of :



at Roger-Viollet

Cote Paris Roger-Viollet

Started in 1938, located in Paris in the St. Germaine district

near the Academie Francaise (reflected in their window),

Roger-Viollet is one of Europe’s most comprehensive

historical photography archives…

“Over a century of photographic history: from the works of Ferrier-Soulier (French Second Empire’s fine arts), Neurdein & Lévy (historical and geographical reports – 1880 to 1918), Maurice-Louis Branger ( war and everyday life reports – 1900-1930), Pierre Choumoff (Russian immigration in Paris in the 20s and 30s), Jacques Boyer (political and scientific life), Albert Harlingue (French and Parisian life, 1910-1950) or Laure Albin-Guillot (fashion and advertising 1920-1960), to the portraits from the Boris Lipnitzki studio (performing arts from the 20s to the 70s)…” from here

click below for more