Watching Paint Dry



Here’s the first rolled layer in a corner…

Both Joni of Cote de Texas, and my reader Laurie used Pratt & Lambert’s

Feather Gray (or Gris de Plume for Francophiles)…It read really taupy

to me so I mixed mine with Benjamin Moore’s White Heron and tried it

out while waiting for my Sydney Harbour lime-wash Old Stone Wall

paint to come in…


Love how it’s so subtle with the old linen drapes

and antique barometer …



Tone on tone…

just textural change..


I’d love it to work with as many fickle changes in bedding as possible…

no matter how committed to gray I am right now…

Feather Gray paint chip…Thanks for all your suggestions…

Loved Ingela’s from Love your homes comment about adding a bit of burnt umber

to her white paint to warm it up. Most paint stores have tints you can get to nudge

your paint in another direction. I’ve also found colors I’m really drawn to that are

just too dark. My paint store will mix the paint at 25%, 50%, 75% strength.

Playing with lime-wash colors tomorrow…will let you know how that goes…

Going Gray



Don’t you just hate it when you create the perfect wall color… but it’s on the wrong wall!?

I used several shades of gray in my husband’s dressing nook off the master bedroom. The

effect was perfect, lots of movement and blooms of lighter shades against dark…but hard to

appreciate in a dark corner.  So I need to transfer the look around that corner on the left,

and then go darker in the dressing area. Of course, using the same paints won’t work,

because the lighting is so different. But after months of being on the fence I’ve marked

up the bedroom walls with shades of gray and there’s no turning back!


We have had two oak trees fall on our property this year, and

have done preventative work to minimize any further property

damage..I have alot more light coming into the room and

can play with darker tones…


The room has both gold and silver elements in the room…


So everything’s coming off the walls…

Bed pulled into the middle of the room…

In a vortex of paint chips…

Bella Notte Trouvais

If I’m not back soon…send help….

Trouvais Bella Notte