A View from Fall….


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garden shots

Thank you to all who have inquired. I am hale and hearty

and knee deep in my many little passions: chiefly

gardening, tweaking the colors of my world through paint

and dye, and collecting small representative bits of an

18th century world. After a Summer of loving having my big kids

around…it’s back to editing the flotsam and

jetsom of twenty years in this old house and starting

on plans for a big landscaping project in the Spring.

fragrant flowers

A few recent photos from about the yard…

Stephanotis vine…

the most divine fragrance….

antique garden roses Trouvais

Coquettes des Blanches

Bourbon c. 1871

antique roses

Madame Issac Perrier c. 1881

the most fragrant antique Bourbon rose…

Moody darks and bright

Love moody dark grays and brights…

and dyeing my own linens

Antique roses

Madame Ernest Calvat…Madame Issac Perrier…Souvenir de Malmaison…

Old French roses and worn French paperbacks….

antique fabrics

18th century French fabric reworked into ecclesiastical stole

on hand dyed Carolyn Quartermaine fabric

antique fabrics

In search of the inimitable….

Hand woven, hand stitched…

An ageless love of nature’s little frills worked through silk,

treasured, handed down, reworked, honored…

Old books and butterflies

Old leather bound books and butterflies…

a gouache cartoon…preparation for a woven tapestry…

antique textiles

Antique silk shoes…late 18th or early 19th…

when soles were neither right nor left…

plumped with linen and tied with striped bows…

great site here

My collecting always seems in pursuit of a story…

In the 18th century The Ladies’ Memorandum books

showed a  glimpse into  pre-blogging woman’s lives….

antique text

More here

Gardening moved indoors

Though occasional rains signal the closing of the gardening season…

I have parrot tulips and Icewing daffodils and English bluebells to

plant….and a few roses always manage to bloom in December.


I’ll try to pop in from time to time…..

Hope you are all happily busy this Fall…





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Summer is starting to sizzle…

There are about forty-fifty lavender plants

on the new hillside in front of a young olive tree…

backed at intervals by cypresses and white roses…

Not yet a year old (last year here)…

summerNicotiana…waiting to be planted…an annual that lends

a sweet scent and soft glow to a summer evening…

I have this in a lime green in the lower garden…more info here


Made my own case for my Ipad 2…

Not the work horse of my office computer…but

great for looking at blogs and reading the news

shoulder to shoulder with my husband.

 I especially love how easily I can flip through my blog

archives on it…at this time unique to WordPress blogs…

more here.

French Flea market finds

Still finding big and little gems…

even when I’m not trying…

(or trying NOT to!)


As much as I love the hunt..

the find…I also enjoy pulling

together the bits and pieces of what

I already have…

antique etchings

Until something special pops up…

antique French fabric

like this 18th century piece of French silk brocade…

via Carolyn Forbes…here

She has another gorgeous 18th century piece on Ebay here


Hiking the hills and hitting the Farmer’s markets…

Keeping up with hats and suncreen…

Love these tips at Eating Well here

Will stop in from time to time to send postcards

from my Summer blogvacation.

Hope you are having a wonderful Summer!