Friday Folly


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After over twenty years in our house with now grown kids coming and going, I’ve dealt with the transition by trying to exact some new order to the home. But every time I try to giveaway, toss, or recycle…I find something that intrigues me or generates a new project.

antique wallpaper

My husband has always made fun of my “Boy with Finch” primitive reproduction that I bought at a San Francisco Galleria sale…so when I took it off the wall and propped it backwards behind some old cigar boxes I was covering, it just sort of triggered this sort of impromptu folly. I ordered my Napoleonic bicorne several years ago from Bell’occhio here. Don’t ask me why. I just had to have one. Bell’occhio is a fabulous San Francisco store filled with charming French bits and pieces.

18th c frame

Often antique paintings have pieces of ephemera stuck behind them. At a recent auction, I found the back of an 18th century French pastel portrait more intriguing than the front. I didn’t bid…because it seemed crazy to want it for the back. Love the pasted bits of old newsprint, discarded rough sketches pasted haphazardly on the back. Artful discards.

wallpaper boxes

Boxes for collecting small bits…just your basic cut and paste hobby with photocopies of 18th century wallpaper and textile photos. I have a short list of items that I’m keeping my eye out for, but besides that I’m just working my closets. Exercising restraint. Though this is the perfect Halloween weekend for these incredible Pumpkin Cookies here. Happy weekend folks!

PS I love it when one of my reader’s starts a blog! Check out Nella’s blog here



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Carrara marble

bath backsplash

marble in bthroom

marble in bath

Gray in bath

Antique marble sink

Quick update from earlier post here.

Fully functional…but still on lookout for a few extra “found” pieces. Might bow to wisdom of glass shower enclosure…but loving the gauzy linen shower curtain for now. Removed standard counter to ceiling mirror to replace with something…different. As I said…”found”. So still looking. Venetian mirror stays…love it just propped on counter between sinks. Tried dark gray on cabinets, but redid in creamy white to allow me to change my color palate on a whim. So, as usual, to be continued….