Paris yellow…


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A woman’s sack- back gown, yellow and white silk…

English c.1760

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Fashion in Detail


Mustard yellow satin c. 1740

Shoes and Slippers by MacKenzie


18th century silk court shoes with buckle

Fulgence collection, Paris

Silk by Anquetil


Brussels home

Fabrics by Lebeau

yellow curtains

small enough for a sunshine nap

on two french chairs….

french print 3

french print 2antique french prints…

color wheel

Early 18th century color wheel

Dress Paris Yellow promenade c 1868 AA

Paris yellow promenade gown c. 1868



Sunshine yellow salon of french interior designer

and journalist Marie-Paul Pelle…


Directoire teacups made for Pelle’s mother

in the 40′s by Le Vase Etrusque.

Paris Interiors by Lovatt-Smith


Antique French fashion plate

“Galerie des Modes”,  1778-1787


Unwrapped by  Carolyn Quartermaine


Lemon box…one of my early finds…


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cerise, rosy, crimson, blowsy, erubescent…

Shaperelli pink

Schiaparelli stacked round hat boxes…

For more about Elsa Schiaparelli

(photo via This is Glamorous )

Old toile 1860

Quilted cotton gently fading to raspberry red…

Antique French Toile D’Alsace

c. 1840

Morgaine Le Fay Antique Textiles

Red silk embroidered hankerchief pouch 1860

“Pour Mochoirs”  … handkerchiefs…

“En soie rouges avec broderies”…

Embroidered fading red silk pouch

c. 1840

Ebay France


Early 19th century silk slippers


Silk shoes c. 1740

“Shoes and Slippers” from the Snowshill collection


from my collection of favorite House and Garden pages …

Love the round window, chandelier, red rose print and striped coverlet

Marquise de St. Cloud

Marquis de St. Cloud

Flea bitten…


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Clock blk bds

Chandelier bds

Anduze pots

stone trough bigdaddys

Birdcage bigdaddys

console travertine top bds

rusty urns bigdaddys

All items from

Big Daddy’s Antiques

One of my favorite stops at Northern California’s huge “Antiques by the Bay”  flea market.

  • Antiques By The Bay 1st Sunday of every month Spaces J-21 and K-7
  • Rose Bowl Flea Market 2nd Sunday of every month Spaces GG 12 and 13
  • Florals against inky black…


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    purse ribbon art

    When day is done, and clouds are low, And flowers are honey-dew, And Hesper’s lamp begins to glow Along the western blue; And homeward wing the turtle-doves, Then comes the hour the poet loves.

    George Croly
    The Poet’s Hourdress blk niforos

    c. 1870

    Maria Niforos

    Passion Flower with a Butterfly by Adam Ludwig Wirsing

    Gouache on white laid paper

    late 18th century


    Dress French brocade 1860s New Orleans AA

    French New Orleans brocade

    c. 1860

    Shoes black pink victorianamag

    Embroidered black silk shoes


    c. 1780-85

    Boué Soeurs Gowns

     Evening Gown

    Boue Soeurs

    Paris c. 1923-1925

    Dress eveng detail  Boue Soeurs c 1928

    Detail from 1928 Court Presentation dress

    dress eveng detail

    Dress detail lrg

    The Boué sisters had one of the most recognizable styles in fashion. They were known as the “Seagulls of Lace”. Their popularity was greatest in America, and they made 6 to 8 sea crossings every year from France to America.

    In 1899 the Paris house was founded by two sisters Madame Sylvie Montegut (born 1880) and Baronne Jeanne d’Etreillis (born 1881) both of who had the maiden name of Boué. In 1916, they opened their New York house.

    Madame Sylvie seems to have been the artistic spirit and Jeanne travelled around the world to gather inspiration and promote their clothes. The Boué sisters made great use of light-refracting silver and gold cloth, purchased from theatrical supply houses. They had their own Lame fabric made and embroideries with silver and gold threads. Another house signature was floral patterned lace. Embroidery was done in Venice on sheer organdie, to make entire “lingerie” dresses, popular throughout the 20′s. Dhoop-chaon taffeta was also used to make different hues shine at different times.

    Their perfume QUAND LES FLEURS REVENT was made at their ancient Chateau de Maison Rouges outside Paris. Their house closed around 1933.

    They were renowned for their romantic designs which often borrowed details from historical paintings. Their garments were often reminiscent of underwear, made of paper taffetas, silk organdies and ornately decorated.

     Incredible silk rose appliques…

    MET Costume Institute

    A froth of shimmering silk lame and gauze…

    Court presentation dress c 1932-34

    For more gorgeous Boue Soeurs dresses

    see MET Costume Institute here

    Summer c. 1830….



    Bonnet 1830 augustaauctions

    Drawn Bonnet

    C. 1830


    Cotton Muslin Pelegrine

    c. 1820-1830


    Gentleman’s brown linen tailcoat


    Striped cotton tailcoat


    Wicker French 19th dibs

    19th century French basket


    1830s child's dress

    Child’s dress

    lightweight brown linen

    embroidered with garlands of ivory flowers

    c. 1830

    Culture of the day…

    Writers Balzac, Victor Hugo, Emerson,

    Musicians Bellini, Chopin, Mendelssohm

    Painters Delacroix, Ingres, Turner




    French natural history musee

    Paris Taxidermy Curiosity Shop

    Depuis 1831

    … One year ago, a terrible fire devastated the cabinet of curiosities, the room of entomology and most of the historical collections. But Deyrolle is rebuilt gradually and the first rooms are completely restored. Today, the shop is even more beautiful than ever, with many mammals of big sizes, splendid naturalized birds and natural curiosities as beautiful as astonishing.


    Antelope Hogspear

    Antelope Horns


    Ebay UK


    Butterfly Collection

    and magnifying mirror…

    Taxidermy Trove

    Antique Taxidermy Bird



    Victorian Horn Shaving Mirror


    Jacques Callot…


    French born, studied in Rome and Florence

    Callot was one of the most prolific, creative, and influential draftsmen and printmakers of the seventeenth century



    Jacques  Callot’s ” Combat at the Barrier”



    Three men standing, one

    sitting astride a sea monster…


    a Swan guided by Love…

    DSCN33800001DSCN3380_1a winged figure, Fame, blows two

    trumpets from a rocky islet…


    Mars and Hercules are pulling

    the chariot of the Prince…


    Constancy led by a dragon…


    a chariot of musicians…

    It was on the fourteenth of February, 1627, that the extravagant

    and splendid spectacle, le combat a la barriere, took place in

    Nancy, seat of the Dukes of Lorraine…The charm of this occasion has

    survived over three hundred years, not because of the splendor of its

    setting or the nobility of its principals but, rather, because the account

    of it was “enrichy des figures du sieur Jacques Callot”

    The Combat at the Barrier

    an account by John Dunbar

    snuff, patch, or trinket boxes……




    Late 18th century miniature painted on Ivory

    tortoise shell inside

    Did some proud father tuck this in his

    pocket to carry his snuff…?

    It was during the 18th century when snuff taking rose in popularity and came into widespread use throughout the world and throughout the social classes. The sound of sneezing was common in many a European snuff parlor and snuff boxes became the latest fashion accessory.

    Snuffboxes in the 18th century were highly decorated, often made of precious metals and emblazened with jewels. This latest fashion accessory was often changed every day to match the costumes of their owners and would be exchanged as gifts offered as diplomatic or military presents.

    Snuff in the 18th century

    trinket box antiques and rarities Rubylane

    Steel and tortoise shell

    c. 1780

    Antiques and Rarities at

    trinket box ebay france

    Early 19th century snuff box

    Ebay France



    Pelerine c. 1830 ebay

    White muslin ruffled Pelerine

    c. 1820-1830


    The pelerine grew wider as it spread over the increasing shoulder line of gigot sleeves. It accentuated the shoulder width and made the waist of the 1830s look very small and was a popular feature of dress in the Romantic period.

    Pelerine whitework thistle 1830 Augusta Auction

    Whitework Thistle

    c. 1830

    Pelerine 1830 flouncedwhitework Augusta auctions

    Flounced Whitework

    c. 1830

    Fischu style Pelerine over Gigot sleeve day dress (c.1830 )

    Beautiful examples worn by Juliette Binoche in :

    Le Hussard sur la toit

    (The Horseman on the Roof)

    set in 1830′s France, after the fall of Napoleon, covering

    the ensuing political unrest and cholera epidemic.

    18th century waistcoats …


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    Chenille Embroidered Silk Waistcoat

    From my own collection…

    Ebay UK

    waistcoat detail

    “Waren Hastings” by Sir Joshua Reynolds


    Waistcoat emb silk satin 1770-1800 augusta-auctions

    Embroidered silk satin 1780-1800



    waistcoatsilk embroideredc. 1790 Augusta-auction

    detail silk embroidery and buttons

    on silk waistcoat

    c. 1790


    Decorated with a floral pattern

    of  polychrome silk floss

    back is plain beige linen with ties…

    c. 1790



    Detail waistcoat of silk and chenille

    embroidered with thread

    English 1740′s


    Detail of gold tissue waistcoat

    embroidered with spangles, beads and foil

    French 1780


    Embroidered ribbed silk waistcoat

    French c. 1780


    Court dress coat and waistcoat

    embroidered velvet and silk French 1780-90


    Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Fashion in Detail

    Avril Hart and Susan North




    Carriage lanterns 19th c Italian Karla Katz 1stdibs

    Early 19th century Italian

    tole carriage lanterns

    Karla Katz




    Details from last remaining side panel …

    Carriage 4

    of a horse drawn carriage …


    Carriage 1830-45 Queen Victoria

    built between 1830 and 1845…



    to carry the Queen of England…



    on special occasions…


    sold on Ebay from Redding, Ca.

    for $2500


    Queen Victoria and Albert

    Windsor Castle in Modern Times by Landseer, 1841

    The Royal Collection Windsor




    Antique French Carriage print


    Carriage historyofwork.iisgCarriage construction

    History of work

    Carriage print Musee de la ville de Paris

    Musee de la Ville de Paris




    Beau Brummel


    Beau Brummel

    epitome of male style

    top hat, walking stick,  gloves…

    Pocket watch 1810 close

    Sterling Silver

    key wound pocket watch

    C. 1810

    book jane austinPride and Prejudice

    Jane Austen

    published 1813



    Nightshirt1810 v3
    “Mr. Darcy’s nightshirt”  c 1800
    click link below to watch…
    trousers 1800-1830 meg andrews
    men’s cotton trousers
    c. 1815
    Comte de Turenne by David, 1816



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    French 19th century Hussard Pelisse (outer jacket)

    adorned with gold braid and buttons, trimmed with fur…

    Often worn slung over shoulder,

    attached with a cord…



    Antique exploding cannonball buttons…



    Buttons from France to the Alameda Flea Market,

    “Antiques by the Bay”,  in their original packaging…



    Un hussard.

    New York Public Library Archives