La Maison Fassier…


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House and Garden July 2007  French Lessons 6

Antiquarian Alain, and his wife Claude, Fassier turned an old

nineteenth century French girl’s boarding school in Rémalard,

a newly chic country town 90 miles southwest of Paris, into a

remarkable home and antique shop. When Alain carefully peeled

away coats of paint on the second floor landing…  the original

celadon green paintwork of the landing, with trompe l’oeil

fluted columns and pilasters, came magically back to life…

House and Garden July 2007  French Lessons 4

A glass bell displaying a paper-mache algae plant by

Farfelus Farfadets, Paris

House and Garden July 2007 French Lessons 4

A worktable from an electronics atelier is strewn with

19th century globes, engravings and posters in gouache…

La Maison Fassier 8

Glass cases of haughty winged creatures and shelves burgeoning

with books infuse the room with a scholarly atmosphere.

” I wanted to respect an ambience that is a little boarding school

and nineteenth-century,” Alain says.

House and Garden July 2007  French Lessons 5

Antique chairs and a vintage leather chesterfield sofa, a set of

antique lanterns leaning in a corner, antique paintings hung

somewhat haphazardly in the living room …

you wonder whether items regularly rotate between the

downstairs antique shop and the family quarters…

House and Garden July 2007 French Lessons 2

In the living room Alain inserted double doors

with stained glass panels…

House and Garden

La Maison Fassier 7

Maison a Vivre

La Maison Fassier 4

La Maison Fassier 5

Elle Decoration

La Maison Fassier 3

La Maison Fassier 2

Sources: House and Garden Maisons a Vivre , Elle Decoration

click links in text for slide show…

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Stephen Sills…


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The main room of a midwestern home has multiple seating areas

with movable chairs and a parchment center table…”

Note the fluidity of mirror and wall surface…

“In a midwestern bedroom, walls are covered with burlap stenciled

in a pattern that echoes the motifs found in the

English crewelwork curtains.”

“Romantic stenciling in a Connecticut country house…”

Soothing tone on tone…

“In a Park Avenue bedroom, cotton voile drapery

is edged with an antique ribbon.”

Note the detail at top of window drapes…

Stephen Sills Dwellings 11

“The entry to a country bath is market by an Italian Baroque

painted screen.  The tub is painted to look like marble…”

Stephen Sills Dwellings 23

“The walls of our Manhattan apartment are stenciled

and a plaster cornice was installed…”

” ‘What I offer is an original approach….a cleaned up version of

eighteenth and nineteenth century styles for a 1988 lifestyle’

says Sills. His spare Neoclassical is enhanced by a almost

surrealistic juxtaposition of objects and his hallmark

painted finishes, which can duplicate wood, wallpaper,

or soft wisps of color…

Stephen Sill’s apartment in 1988

House and Garden archives

Another view of same apartment in Dwellings

“A monochromatic palette of rich golden creams and beiges

make the space seem larger. The motif on the carved mantel was

the inspiration for the stenciled cornice (above) …

…the marble urn is Roman.

“In our guest cottage, a circular Roman marble bas relief

echoes the round window.”

I have to tell you I’m nuts about round windows

Dreaming about installing a line of round dormers

on the view facing side of our roof line

“In the library of our house, a German

eighteenth century Louis XVI desk …

…is accented with a pair of Sevres

bisque porcelain caryatid lamps.”

“The small writing table is by the French cabinet maker Carabar,

the mahogany chair is Directoire. An English fireman’s ladder

from the nineteenth century is used to reach the shelves…”

“Painted Italian cabinets from the eighteenth century

hold globes and obelisks

“In a gentleman’s Manhattan apartment…that is flooded

with light, wood furniture from various periods add up to a

harmony in brown…the strié effect on the walls adds depth…”


Living with Great Style

Stephen Sills and James Huniford

c. 2003

Full of design advice: add texture to walls by adding inexpensive

wallpaper and paint over it, warm and cool polarities will

energize a room, hang pictures a few inches above eye level

to add drama to the room…*

Stephen Sills Associates

click to see website or here for earlier Stephen Sills post …

French garden antiques…

House and Garden archives 9

Antique Bourbon roses…

The original Bourbon rose traced its lineage to the reign

of Louis-Philippe (1830 to 1848), when residents of Ile de Bourbon,

planted hedges of China and Damask roses that cross-pollinated.

These rose hips were sent to the king’s gardener in France,

and the Bourbon class of roses was born.


Madame Issac Perrier

c. 1881


Honorine de Brabant

beautiful in a border and bouquet…


Madame Ernst Calvat

c. 1888

Souvenir de Malmaison

Souvenir de Malmaison

this image is from here

c. 1843

Marie Antoinette and the Petit Trianon at Versailles

Named for the rose garden of Empress Josephine (Bonaparte)

Most gorgeous tinted pink organza cupped blossoms…


Bourbons are my favorites of all antique roses …

Retaining the beauty represented in 18th century portraits…

they are more vigorous, hardy, and remontant (repeat bloom).

Their fragrance and history are intoxicating.

Pierre-Joseph Redoute

Pierre-Joseph Redoute

“Pierre Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) illustrated approximately

50 botanical books during his lifetime making him one of the

most prolific and widely celebrated botanical artists

of the 18th and 19th centuries.”


Pierre-Joseph Redoute

The Glory of Roses Lacy

The Glory of Roses


Vintage Garden

Couture Atelier…



I fell in love with this Model as Muse photo from…

Couture Millinery Atelier

Couture Millinery Atelier

and learned that Anya Caliendo has a collection of wonderful

images on her blog, designs beautiful hats, and is off to spend

the entire Fall Season in Europe to design with Stephen Jones

( John Galliano, The Dorchester Collection, Comme des Garcons).

“I was born in Russia, a country of white sparkling snow,

gold-headed churches, magnificent history and above all

kind and beautiful people…”

Click on all links to enter the beautiful world of hand-made couture

hats including Anya’s family history in Russia. Fascinating.


And the world of hats includes the art of flower making…

Bruno Legeron 3 Marie Claire Maison Jan 99

Bruno Legeron 4 Marie Claire Maison Jan 99

Bruno Legeron 5 Marie Claire Maison Jan 99

Bruno Legeron Marie Claire Maison Jan 99

Bruno Legeron 7 Marie Claire Maison Jan 99

Bruno Legeron 2 Marie Claire Maison Jan 99

Bruno Legeron

“The house of Legeron was founded in 1880,

includes amongst its clients such prestigious names as

Dior, Courreges, Ungaro. The firm today is managed by the

founder’s great-grandson and its manufacturing processes

including the tools used are still rooted in tradition.”

As short film on the process on the fun Perrier-Jouet website

Couture Millinery Atelier on Legeron here

Photos from Marie Claire Maison (Jan ’99)

On the Road to Damascus…

Vincente Wolf

Utterly entrancing design by Vicente Wolf…

English eighteenth century mirror

seafoam green glasswalls…

Vincente Wolf 5

Tubular steel bed designed by Wolf, softened with rounded

headboard and gauzy curtains in chartreuse shades…

Vincente Wolf 2

Adjacent to the seating, on either side of the classical

stone fireplace, Vicente uses dark, simply framed antique

wall paper panels..

Vincente Wolf 6

Best I could do…but can you imagine the drama of the

tall antique French grisaille wallpaper scenes

on either side of the fireplace…

Click here to see a similar one at Gracie…

Vincente Wolf 11

As Vicente points out in the book, the term “Damask”

comes from Damascus, the capital of Syria…

Vincente Wolf 10

“At the northwest edge of the great Syrian desert that stretches

toward Jordan and Irac, Palmyra was a port of call as far back as

two millennia B.C. for caravans traveling between Mesopotamia

and the Mediterranean, and later the Silk Road…”


Crossing Boundaries

A Global Vision of Design

by Vicente Wolf


The book travels photo by photo through Ethiopia, Madagascar,

Myanmar, Borneo and Syria, intermixing design photos and

adding helpful paint chips…top photo is  Benjamin Moore 1675

Inspired by Cote Texas’s round table and Topsy Turvey’s

and of course Vicente Wolf himself…

note: photos were sliced to give you up close look…



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Hogspear is an outstanding Ebay UK seller of museum grade

militaria…his descriptions alone bring history to life…

Click on link to explore his attic treasures…

“…totally genuine and fresh to the market from some of Britain’s

finest attics. Occasionally, some ladies’ items are offered,

mostly belonging to the Captain’s elderly mother, the

Dowager Lady Hogspear.”

Hogspear 3

“A very good and scarce example of a late Victorian

17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge‘s Own) officer’s

full dress uniform…”

Hogspear 2

“A Victorian 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) officer’s

cross belt. Complete with matching pouch with ornate

silver cover with King’s Crown cypher.”

Hogspear 5

The officer’s lance cap is sold separately…

“The gilt lance cap plate is mounted with a white metal/silver

17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) badge.

Two gilt metal lion head boss’s support a velvet backed chin chain. “


My own antique silver epaulets bought from Hogspear

…incredible detail


I lost on the first try but luckily another came up 4 months later

packed into tin styled to keep the silver coils suspended…

France framed epaulet 19th c $800 1stdibs

Here is a 19th century gold epaulet framed…

Sarlo at 1stdibs

More Sarlo here

Hogspear antique picnic tea set

Antique picnic tea set…

Hogspear archive…sadly already sold

Hogspear picnic tea set detail

For the officer who takes tea very seriously

Hogspear sketch book 1914

“A dated 1915 Houghton-Butcher, London First World War

British Army military sketching board. The board has an

integrated clinometer and compass.  The artistic sketching ability

of the Military in the late Victorian and WWI period was a

key to their effectiveness as cameras had not really come

into play.”

Hogspear sketchbook c 1914 detail

”  This board allowed to officer to orientate his image correctly

and the device was often used by the Royal Artillery or

Royal Engineers.”

Vintage leather collar box Hogspear

Vintage leather collar box…

Click  Hogspear,or here for his fabulous website…

More militaria on Campaign post here

Over the top…


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French Home 2

The updated Louis XV chairs seem to chat amongst themselves…

charmingly unaffected  by the massive riveted doors,

the medieval volume of the space…

French Home

Late summer figs on old pewter…

the aubergine color a lovley accent for grays…

Both photos from:

French Home

Josephine Ryan

Paris Style

An architectural conversation piece…

the simple upholstered furnishing refuses to compete

with the fireplace…

Paris Style


World of Interiors April 2008 Frederiksberg Palace.3

Literally over the top…

this gold fringed mirror hung from the ceiling

of the Baroque 18th century Frederiksberg Palace…


World of Interiors archives

Artefact Design & Salvage

If you don’t have a castle or a sculpted fireplace…

and want to import a little architectural drama….

Artefact Design and Salvage in Sonoma is counting

down to their new website launch…

Artefact Design & Salvage 2

The owner travels the world for the very best in architectural salvage…


Enormous fireplaces and stone fountains, antique clock faces…

Tall wooden doors that can lean against a wall as art…


Big Daddy’s Antiques

Is always a good resource for oversized clocks, mirrors,

tables made out of salvaged iron or wood…

Big Daddy's Antiques

a gorgeous antique pediment…

Art and Decoration May 2009

Don’t forget the Regency canape…

Love amongst the ruins…

Giles Nouailhac

As we walk in fields of gold…


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Many years have passed since those summer days

Among the fields of barley

See the children run as the sun goes down

Among the fields of gold…

House and Garden archives

Love the rough plank floor, the amber leather chairs,

heavy blond pine table legs,

griffin and arabesque scrolled stone fireplace mantle…

House and Garden archives 3

Gold and tans…

ebony, and burnt gold trimmed black lacquer…

House and Garden archives. 4

Incredible embossed gold detail inset into top molding,

potable wall color…coffee and cream…

all House and Garden archives

Paris Style 2

The collector…

the objects in the room, set against the lovely cream boiserie…

tell the color story…

Paris Style


House and Garden archives. 5

Gorgeous antique Italian terra-cotta medallions are portraits

of laurel crowned Roman emperors…

A trilogy of russet accents the tonal blend…

Designed by Alessandra Branca

House and Garden archives

Stephen Sills Dwellings

“A Louis XVI gilt tester bed, and a Regency

traveling money changing cabinet…”

Stephen Sills Dwellings 2

“An Indian traveling trunk holds an Etruscan Attic vase

and an Art Nouveau sculpture…”


Living with Style

Stephen Sills and James Huniford


Click to hear Fields of Gold

Coco Chanel on the rue Cambon..


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Coco Chanel apartment House and Garden archives

Adding another dimension to what is already known about style

icon Coco Chanel, her three rooms on the rue Cambon in Paris,

where she lived from 1954 until her death in 1971, are timeless,

bold, and surprisingly complex given her noted penchant for

simplicity.  Her rooms were conceived by her, ” down to the tiniest

details…There in one place were all her passions, the screens,

mirrors, gilt wood, and chandeliers”.

House and Garden Chanel 18

A French trumeau over the fireplace, flanked on either side by

Spanish vestry mirrors, crystal laden table lamps, and large rock

crystal chandelier bejewel the main salon

House and Garden Chanel 10

An entire wall of leather bound books, a long, sensuous sofa…

Beige, brown, fawn are accented with black and crystal…

The scale of the chandeliers, coromandel screens,

mirrors all reflect her intrepid personality.

Coco Chanel Apt 2 Hosue and Garden archives

A small herd of carved wood deer silently occupy the space...

“An Interior is the natural projection of the soul and Balzac

was right to give as much importance to it

as to the way people dress…”,

she once confided to biographer Paul Morland.

Coco Chanel House and Garden

Beyond the large scale furnishings, the small items, finds,

and gifts that were kept and treasured

tell a more personal story …

Chanel House and Garden archives 7

Greek statue on her fireplace mantle …

Chanel House and Garden archives

“Le garden de cochons (the pig keeper) of silver and

gems may have been found by Chanel at a flea market”

Chanel House and Garden archives 3

Chanel considered wheat to be her lucky charm…

here it glints in gold on book bindings.

Chanel House and Garden archives 4

“Once while Givenchy sat in the drawing room, a piece of crystal

fell from the chandelier. He placed it in the mouth of the frog

and it was never removed.

Chanel House and Garden archives 6

“This tiny cage was a present from a retiring employee”

Chanel House and Garden archives 5

“Vermeil boxes were presents from the Duke of Westminster”

House and Garden Chanel 3

A golden wheat based glass table…

In addition to deer, crystal balls, religious symbols,

and lions (she was a Leo), Chanel loved wheat

Chanel House and Garden archives

Italian Baroque panels…

with wheat tucked in a crevice.

Coco Chanel’s Apartment

click to watch video


House and Garden archives…

Coco before Chanel…


, , , , , , , ,

Coco Chanel 3

Coco before Chanel

Click above to see trailer…film opens in September

Coco Sony Classics

Additional photos and information about the film…


Coco Chanel mid 50's AA

Coco Chanel Couture

Evening dress

c. 1950′s

Coco Chanel Couture c 1950 Augusta Auctions

Past sales…April ’09

Augusta Auctions

Vintage Paris Chanel

still available…

Vintage Paris


Vintage Paris Chanel 2



Chanel  1924 MET

Designed by Coco Chanel

c. 1924

silk velvet wrap…

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Chanel portrait

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel


For extensive gallery of photos visit

Iced mocha, please…


, ,

18th c dress MET

Dress back

18th century French

Metropolitan Museum of Art

J Crew necklaces

Inviting you to have your own “Affair of the Necklace”…

J Crew


Is it the grosgrain…

the varying chunks of  “ice”, the clasp?


Always looking for ways to use up bits of fabric…

these little purses are good for those vintage

mother of pearl opera glasses…

as well as using up trim, ribbons, and flea market

French buttons

Silk Trading Co La Scola Stripe Saddle

“La Scola Stripe”  fabric…

and other luscious caramel, coffee and syrup colors…

Silk Trading Co

J Crew Browns

Gorgeous colors…

Bright olive cashmere scarf, tawny olive jersey tee…

J Crew

Shoes French 18th MET

French shoes

18th century

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Silk Brocade shoes 1720-40 Augusta Auctions

Silk Brocade shoes

c. 1720-1740

Augusta Auctions

From upcoming auction…

September 10, 2009



Ghostly image of Marie Antoinette’s private chambers…

“The Cabinet de la Meridienne, a small octagonal room decorated

in 1782 to celebrate the birth of the Dauphin. This is one of the rooms

at Versaille where we can most readily imagine Marie Antoinette’s life,

and understand her style. The subtle interplay of mirrors creates the

sense of intimate privacy actively sought by the queen…”

Marie Antoinette Style

Adrien Goetz

Marie Antoinette’s Jewels…

A bracelet of cameos and rubies…

“The archives of the house of Mellerio perserved the written trace

of the purchase of this bracelet for the queen. Marie Antoinette

loved jewels. But she managed to resist the costliest temptations,

such as the famous “queen’s necklace” which she refused

to buy…”

Click below for clips from the movie…

The Affair of the Necklace

The ” Queen’s Necklace” engraving

c. 1785

Musee du Chateau de Versailles

Reconstruction of the so called “Queen’s Necklace”…

acquired by Chateau Versailles in 1963

Marie-Antoinette and the Petit Trianon at Versailles

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

Ruddy leather shoes with silk ruches…

c. 1785-95 Netherlands

RIJKS Museum


A great museum source for antique accessories…

sorted by time, type, color…

Late 18th c French silver MET

Silver and paste earrings…

paste, cut glass, was often used as a substitute for diamonds…

late 18th century

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Studious recreation…

Jean Paul Gaultier

c. 1994

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Imagining the chandeliers being lowered from their great height

so that formally frocked footman can light their thousand tapers

to fill the cavernous ball room with candlelight…

“A Masked Ball held for the King and Queen by the city

of Paris on 23 Jan 1782 to mark the Dauphin’s birth”

Marie Antointette Style

Shades of gray, crystal drops, antique prints and script,

Ruffled, embroidered and buttoned Court frocks…

Timeless hand hewn stone and curled iron banisters…

Something to build a room around…


Last photo Paris Style

Architectual remnants…


, , , , , , , , , , ,

18th c Style plaster moulding from chateau paneling

“Set before a stunning piece of plaster molding-

originally from paneling in a chateau-is the grace

of a dove, the transparency of crystal carafes,

and the sheen of silver bells …”

18th c Style plaster moulding from chateau paneling 2

In her farmhouse home in the Brie region of France,

Cleo Bertin emphasizes a  ” gentle range of whites and

excluding colors, she teases out the essence of objects,

their esprit and resonance, and sets them center stage…”

The New Eighteenth Century Style

French Home Josephine Ryan

The patina of old paint, a gilded and chipped floral swag…

“The living room…the place you define your values,

your history, and your tastes…”

French Home

Josephine Ryan

1stdibs England c. 1820

Candace Barnes

Palace of Westminister ceiling medallion fragment…

c. 1820 England

Framing a piece of history…

18th century Style

” So as not to forget her much-loved earlier life in a large

family house, Nicole Polonovski has brought to this more modest

dwelling some of her furniture and all of its memories…”

The New Eighteenth Century Style

Michele Lalande


“Old and new parts”

Antique plaster floral and ribbon cascade…


attached to bead trimmed, silver sage painted wood panel

with double tier candelabra…

Pair set on either side of French doors in my dining room…


One of a pair of antique French chairs…

Originally gilded and garishly brocaded…

I stripped and painted them in sages and creams

and they sit prettily abreast my mother’s  mirrored armoire,

content in a lady’s dressing room to be “deshabille” for the moment

The New French Decor 18th c Venetian Lanterns

Antique 18th century Venetian lantern on jute cushioned settee…

The New French Decor

Michele Lalande


The perfection of imperfection…

of found objects…

of personal treasures…




Nelly O'Brien. 1762 Reynolds

Her quilted silk skirt seemed familiar…

Nelly O’Brien

Sir Joshua Reynols

c. 1762

colette quilted

Bella Notte quilted Collette pillows



Bella Notte quilted Collette coverlet…

Own collection

Chateau Outrelaise

Would love to be tucked within this draped bed

with a good French novel…

Chateau Outrelaise

LACMA France c. 1750 Polycrome silk

Polychrome silk brocaded on cream silk ground…

“the Chinese Astronomer”

c. 1750 France


LACMA c. 1772 Colonial

Could these be tucked under her skirt…?

Silk brocade shoes

c. 1772


Last honeyed drips of summer…


, , , , , , , , , ,

Marie Antoinette 8

“The queen’s bedchamber at Versailles, recreated to the state it was in,

in October 1789… has been restored complete(ly)

with its heavy white brocaded taffeta, woven in Lyon”

Marie Antoinette Style

Detail of settee fabric…

note Marie’s initials…

Marie Antoinette Style

Adrien Goetz

Tria Giovan

Golden pears touched with sunlight…

the glint of gold and green on background upholstery…

Tria Giovan Photography

The Bed 2

Gorgeous quilted yellow silk…

Ribbon threaded and bowed lace sheet…

The Bed

Alecia Beldegreen

The Bed

A raucous evening’s end …

The Bed

Shoes Marie Antoinette

18th century shoes,

keepsake box…

Marie Antoinette Style


A coil of golden passementarie drops. ..

and a small embroidered silk purse

set on a  French letter from 1813

Strong and silent…


, , , , , , ,


“Possagno in Northern Italy is home to a divine collection of

marble statues and original plaster casts by Antonio Canova,

perhaps the finest classical sculpture of the 18th century…

The World of Interiors

April 2008

Cote Paris June-Aug 09.2

Low luster black paint smolders over the classical bones

of deeply paneled walls. The crystal chandelier and white

porcelain tub, crisp ceiling, and white matted art arrest

and direct the eye…

Cote Paris June-Aug 09.3

Venetian mirror and chrome Lefroy et Brooks do their part

to fracture and send light about the room…

Cote Paris June to Aug  '09.4

When the bathroom is suffused with natural light

from the window beyond the tub…the black grays in it’s path…

Cote Paris June-August  ’09


19th century landscape etching

with simple, strong black frame…

Ebay France

Tria Giovan.2

Old classical elements are pulled together

and pop off the new dark walls…

Tria Giovan photography

Bust of Napoleon by Antonio Canova 18th c

Bust of a young Napoleon Bonaparte…

World of Interiors

The New 18th century Style

Arrangement by architect Jean-Francois Millevoye…

“An 18th century sculpted wooden Italian lantern is suspended

within an industrial mold made of wooden marquetry…”

The New Eighteenth Century Style

Lte 19th c court frock coat and hat Bonhams July 09

19th century Court frock coat…

Bonhams archives

The New 18thc Style Outrelaise

Chateau Outrelaise

stone and iron staircase…

The New Eighteenth Century Style

Lalande & Trillard


Click all highlighted text for additional information and/or photos

If walls could talk…


, , , , , , , , , , , ,

The Bed Duchesse de Mouchy.2

“During the reign of Louis XVI, the Duchesse de Mouchy,

lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette, occupied this bed …”

If you look through the bed drapery you’ll see the

reflection of the bust of Duchesse de Mochy at the window…

The Bed

Alecia Beldegreen

Fabrics LeBeau

From another perspective…

Luminous green silk taffeta drapes and a wistful aristocratic gaze

In Jacques Garcia’s house in Paris…


Caroline Lebeau

Madame Dange

Madame Dange

“One striking discovery concerns the Cabinet of Fables, the boudoir of Madame Dange’s house on the Place Vendome, painted in the 1750s with illustrations from La Fontaine’s fables. When the house became the residence of Paris’s military governor in the 19th century the boudoir was gilded and repainted in an ostentatious style. Research and radiographic examination revealed the original. The idea of stripping away all the 19th-century additions, an aesthetically desirable course, was considered. But the additions revealed much about how one era can alter the work of an earlier. The museum decided to compromise. One side of the cabinet has been restored to something like the original, the other retains its 19th-century gilding.”

Cabinet of Fables

Click  Le Cabinet des Fables

to watch a short film on the restoration…

Boiserie at the Petiti Trianon World of Interiors Oct 06

Boiserie detail at Petit Trianon…

“The cabinets paneled walls, in the pale Wedgewood blue favored by Marie Antoinette, are decorated with stucco. The brothers Rousseau completed this work in 1887.”

World of Interiors Oct. ’06

Boiserie 18th c French 1stdibs

French boiserie panel

18th century


Dangerous Liasons

Dangerous Liaisons

Fashion and Furniture in the Eighteenth Century

Test of time…




What does your china say about you?

Do you still match your first china pattern ?


Gold Corail

Giraud limoges…sold through Gump’s and Tiffany’s

when I registered for wedding china in the ’80′s…


Still in love with the uplifted scrolled edges, touched by gilt…

the shell textured rim, the tiny painted bugs on the

underside of the espresso saucer…


Slowly added piece by piece over the years…

Love the tendrils extending from the handles.

Rothschild Bird



Rothchild bird story…

… a 19th century tale about Baroness Rothschild,

who lost her pearl necklace in the garden of her Vienna residence.

Several days later it was found by her gardener,

who saw birds playing with it in a tree.


Inspired by Little Augury

I’m obviously a dreamer. Still love French, flowers, texture,

gilt, white, fanciful provenance . My flights of fancy are usually

balanced by constancy and periods of frugality. I have my coffee

every morning in the now chipped, finely crazed coffee cups

given to me by my best friend over 20 years ago.

Originally produced by Davenport 1794-1887 Burleigh Staffordshire England

As originally produced by Davenport 1794-1887

Burleigh Staffordshire


What’s new…still looks old


My son gave his teacher an eggplant he’d picked for

back to school…

and she painted a thank-you note to him.

Love how the Astier de Villatte sauce boat

compliments the eggplant…


a covered Louis XV style tureen by Collection Regards

here or here



Ensensoir Oiseau for burning incense

or merely enjoying it’s sculptural quality…


Astier de Villatte and Collection Regards look similar

because they began as one company and then parted ways..

Early 19th century dress…


Spenser and dress taffeta c. 1807 Fashion in Detail 17-18th

Green chenille pom-poms enhance this charming spencer and matching dress…

British cotton lined taffeta dress

c. 1807-1810

Spenser and dress taffeta c. 1807 Fashion front in Detail 17-18th

Fashion in Detail

Seventeen and Eighteenth Century

LACMA c. 1814

Walking Dress c. 1814

Fashion Plate


Chemisette 18th-19th century French MET


late 18th to early 19th c


Metropolitan Museum of Art

London 1801 Fashion in Detail

Diaphamous muslin gown embroidered in cotton thread..

Fabric India, Dress British

c. 1800

Fashion in Detail

Shoes and Slippers from Snowshill book 2.

After the French Revolution, and twenty years of Continental war…

“there developed a nostalgia for Greek and Roman styles

and the purity and simplicity these implied. The slipper became

the footwear associated with delicate muslin dresses …”

Label c. 1820 Snowshill

C. 1820

From the collection of Charles Paget Wade

Shoes and Slippers from Snowshill

Althea Mackenzie

Fontainebleau, etc…



Silk 5

“Napoleon’s second salon at Fountainebleau, furnished in 1810.

Carved and guilded armchairs upholstered in green cisele velvet

patterned with urns of flowers surrounded by rosettes

and palm leaves…”


Jacques Anquetil

French notebook 1811 2

Antique French silk brocade book cover…

Embellished with Napoleonic bees…

French notebook 1811

Silver half franc coin (marked Paris 1811) on ribbon acts as bookmark…

Simply Chateau… sold on Ebay

Elle Decoration June 2008

Les Arts Decoratifs

Charles Percier and Pierre-Francois-Leonard-Fontaine were

architects, interior decorators, and designers during the reign

of Napoleon.. refurbishing the palaces at Fontainebleau, Strasbourg,

and Versailles.The Empire style that they created drew on the classical art

and architecture that they so loved. Their aim was not to replicate the

buildings of antiquity, but to translate classic designs into

a modern idiom.” More…

Elle Decoration June ’08

Percier Fontaine les Arts decoratifs Paris

Lit avec Baldaquin

An engraving from the collection of Percier and Fontaine c. 1801…

Created in mahogany by Jacob Brothers and preserved

at Fountainbleau.

Gift from Napoleon to his sister Pauline

Designed by Percier and Fontaine, this Tureen was part

of a large table service given by Napoleon to his sister…

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fabrics Caroline Lebeau

“Traditional Empire bee design…

Fabrics, furnishings and ornaments of the Empire often featured

the Napoleonic motif-enormous N’s encircled by laurel wreaths,

eagles, and swans, in addition to bees….


Caroline Lebeau


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