Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Trouvais Garden Peonies

Trouvais peonies

Trouvais peonies

Every rosy pink shade of peony from last year’s garden…

A silver lining for cold winters…


antique French textiles

antique French textiles

French 18th century embroidered silk fragment

from my small collection…

old French roses

Antique garden roses

Last year’s old Bourbon roses on the kitchen counter…

Madame Issac Perrier et Madame Ernest Calvat…

More about Bourbon roses here

Antique Paris porcelain

Souvenir de Malmaison  rose…

last year’s first of the season…

antique French textile


Scrap of quilted antique toile…


Antique French

A favorite of old favorite papers…


Rosy pink roses

A tumble of last year’s roses in an old marble font…


Gray and pink bedding

Off the top of my bed…and into the gray….

a bit of Petal pink velvet…

all Bella Notte

Trouvais pink lilac hand dyed velvet


A length of washable Bella Notte Silvermist velvet…

over dyed with rose pink…a lilac pink effect…


Trouvais garden roses

Happy Valentine’s Day dear blog friends!

Spring is right around the corner…

until then there are rosy memories and fabric dye…

Hope your day was all rosy and pink….

Wash Day



antique French linen

On the ironing board…Bella Notte (what else!) and an antique French “drap” from Karin.

I had my eye on this beauty since last May, and finally just put myself out of my

misery and bought it. The embroidery is huge…6.5″ X 11″  and the color…a slightly

toasted neutral. Divine…and heavy. More about “Karin from Périgord” on previous post.

Love starting the New Year strong…and busy…

And shaking up old routines a bit…

Back soon…


Karin from Périgord


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Karin of la pouyette blog

Karin Janksy has been an antique dealer and “Interior consultant” for the last 30 years.

Growing up in South Germany,”mainly on farms”, Karin treasures rural life, gardening,

the beauty of nature, good craftsmanship, and “like many German women”, she is an avid

collector of linens. I first met Karin last May when she began commenting on my blog

as “Karin from Périgord”. Shy about commenting because of her “imperfect” English,

it was my peonies here and here that drew her out, and then in a tumble of emails

we became marvelously acquainted. Karin and her Irish/English husband have lived

in the tiny hamlet La Pouyette in Périgord, in the Dordogne region of southern France,

for twenty years. I did a post on her gorgeous French garden last spring here.

antiques in Perigord

Karin had an antique shop in the 80’s in Hamburg, and has exhibited

since 1998 at the famous Decorative Antiques and Textile Fair

in London. Held in Battersea Park, near Chelsea, the fair is a thrice

yearly event attracting decorators looking for unusual and special antiques.

Karin particularly loves the 18th century, especially fauteuils and

seating from the Louis XVI period, as well as earlier 16th and 17th century

furniture, and enjoys the mix of modern design and very old pieces.

London antique fair

Over the course of the last few months, Karin has regularly inundated me with

inspirational photos that followed my blog themes, and has been a great source

of information when I’ve had a question about an antique. I started encouraging her

to start a blog…and just before the end of the year she took the plunge.

Her blog, La Pouyette, is already brimming with inspirational photos, historical

and regional information…and of course, antiques…

Because of her twelve year history with the Decorative Antiques and

Textiles Fair, I asked Karin if she could do a post about the event,

including any shipping tips for tourists trying to get treasures home.

Karin has done two wonderful posts showing photos of  her and other

dealer booths over the years. I love that she included where some of the

antiques ended up. It’s a fabulous peek into an event you might just

want to plan your next trip around!

Karin Jansky's both at London Antique Fair

Karin’s booth


London Antique Fair




Karin Jansky antiques

Karin’s booth…

Autumn Fair 2003

Dealer Victoria Davar’s booth

April 2006


French 19th century drapers table,

18th century Swiss and 19th century Italian jars

in Karin’s April 2009 booth

la pouyette

About herself Karin wrote: “I like to have a simple down-to-earth life, although a kind of

glamour here and there does not go amiss now and then…I enjoy art, good music,

books, films, animals and real friends…all the good things which make our life richer.

And I like learning! That’s why I call my blog ‘La Pouyette-und die Dinge des Lebens’

which means ‘and the things of life’- which I enjoy sharing with like-minded people.”

antique French linen nightgown
Karin is definitely someone you want to keep your

eye on…she still sells antiques, antique linens…

and has a rental if you are ever in Périgord

antique grain sacks
And wait until you see her gardens in the Spring!

Karin’s blog La Pouyette here

Karin’s post about the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair:

Part One  here

Part Two  here

Thank you, Karin, and welcome to the blogging world!


Perigord in snow

Bryan Ferry’s London home



Rock star Bryan Ferry’s London home…

A two bedroom former artist’s studio in Chelsea that he moved into two

years ago and decorated with his own finds from around the world…

“Decorating is so interesting to me, ” he explains, taking a seat on his 19th

century French sofa. “I like to control my environment. How it looks, feels

and sounds. I couldn’t imagine asking anyone else to decorate it”

Great story in the December Wall Street Journal magazine..

WSJ Magazine here

by Rita Konig

Photography Alexia S

Bryan Ferry

“Once I have an aesthetic attachment to something I can’t

bear to break the bond that ties us together.”

Love his point of view…


Bryan Ferry Trouvais

Paint splattered chair a gift from

artist Rolf Sachs…

Bryan Ferry London

Note the lady beneath the lamp shade…

“I don’t buy to fit, he adds. “I buy first and then find a spot for it,

and once I’ve done that I don’t like changing it-as it’s usually taken

quite a while to find that spot.”

Bryan Ferry

A textile draped table set before an unused door…

“Fabrics are important, he says, “because I don’t

go for that hard-edged modern look; I like

frayed edges.”

Trouvais Bryan Ferry Wall Street Journal

One large room where Ferry does most of his entertaining…a composite of

all the views. Click above photo to get full screen…

Please read the full article…here


Antique French barometer Trouvais

It makes me think of all my favorite

finds from the past year…


Our finds are sort of a Rorschach (ink blot) test…braille for visitors to our homes…

where we’ve come from, where we’ve been, our allusions and ambitions about ourselves…

what we hold dear, what we strive for. And of course…the good deal…the practical…

and the dreaded folly.  What was your best find in 2010?

Happy New Year’s Eve


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Lillian Williams

A little icing on top for New Year’s Eve…

Yet another incredible lit à la Polonaise…

Same hand-painted walls from yesterday’s post…

Love the mood, swags of fabric, ten foot tall ceilings,

crystal and candle chandelier, and deft mix of blue prints…

The last muddy footprints are being swept from my home…

the random bits of tile, joint compound, primer, pernicious

amounts of dust and debris removed from the rooms and

hallways abutting the master bath.  Frost on the rooftops

but clear and bright and finally left on my own to do the

last bit of de-cluttering and painting and polishing.



Charming antique wallpaper trimmed trunk…

and a floppy Spring hat…

Looking forward to a bright and shiny New Year for us all!



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If you haven’t guessed by now…I’ve been showing you

photos from Lillian Williams’s Louis XV chateau in Normandy…

photographed by Fritz von der Schulenburg and featured in

World of Interiors in April of 1994…


Lillian restored the chateau, reproducing 18th century fabrics

such as  “Quinconce” above, that was based on a Ikat like fabric

indigenous to Normandy. Lillian lent many of her antique

fabrics to textile companies for reproduction before, unhappy

with less faithful editing, she created her own…

handpainted tiles Trouvais

These Walker Zanger “Contessa Damask” tiles

have been so appealing to me…

Though I’m normally not big on pattern…

I’m just drawn to their charming exuberance!

Have been considering how I could weave

them into my more staid decor…

Lillian Willians Trouvais

In Lillian Williams’s Swedish style bedroom…

A Laura Ashley sprig fabric on the polonaise and chair.

Lillian painted many walls herself with free form whimsical designs

drawn from surviving antique screens found in the chateau…

Lillian Williams Trouvais

Another free-form wall painted by Lillian…

Her painting tip “If you’re not fast it doesn’t work…

the minute it gets refined it loses its charm”

Trouvais France

I used to love dropping into Lillian’s shop in San Francisco La Ville du Soleil

back in the 80’s…a complete wonderland for the Francophile…

Another shop in New York was called La Vie de Chateâu

Her passion for 18th century France is carried through in the

world she spins in her homes in Normandy and Provence…

down to the details that she carries through herself…


I’m inspired by someone who lives her passion…

engaging herself even in the small details.

Sometimes its the little details…the little

finds…and the times we roll up our sleeves to

add our own effort that give us the most satisfaction.