Behind Trouvais

Trouvais is the French word for “finding”. It’s my inspiration file…full of colors I’d like to try or French boiserie I just want to dream about. Initially I paused over whether to keep it private or public. I’m glad I decided to let you take a peak into my little world…I’ve met many kindred souls. I live in Northern California, above San Francisco, less than an hour away from Napa and Sonoma, Berkeley and the South Bay where I grew up. We bought a 1939 fixer upper (think Edith Wharton’s “The Mount” with your eyes squinted almost shut) that we have slowly brought up to date, taking care to leave remnants like the worn rough-hewn wood threshold between garage and laundry to remind us of the house’s beginnings. We carved gardens out of the sloped hillside with stone retaining walls, tons of Walt Whitman compost (Leaves of Grass…you have to love a literary soil amendment company), and many hours of gardening book fueled hopes and dreams. My favorite pastimes are reading and research, gardening, early morning flea market jaunts, any venue with architectural salvage. I love exploring the styles of fantastic decorators and the skills they use in playing colors, shapes and textures off each other, as well as discovering “fait main” craftsmanship, found curiosities, and the stories behind wonderful objects in design. I love 17th century Italian, 18th century French, 19th century British, 20th century American and 21st century Rough Luxe style. No sooner do I start delving into one of my interests than a new one springs up. Like weeds, but pretty. Oscar Wilde wrote: “Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” After blogging for four years, I have been on a blogging hiatus for the last year. I’ve left my blog organized so that some of the more popular posts are easily accessible…just a click away at the side bar. In the meantime, I have continued to indulge in my passion for learning about and acquiring the bits and pieces of the fabric of 18th century life… exploring the next steps an earnest “finder” might take to refine one’s collection. 18th century decorative arts and particularly antique textiles conjure up a sketch, a memory, a glimpse outside the swagged French doors of long ago gardens or the buzz of history. I hope to return once my plans are finalized. But there are always beautiful pictures here to find at your fingertips…just a quick click away. Thanks for stopping by, Trish